18 Absurdly Offensive Postcards About Women That We'd Never Let Fly Today

One won't hear anyone around here arguing that life as woman is perfect in 2016, but we're not about to claim that we're worse off than our foremothers were. Cool hats aside, being a woman in the early 1900s was utter nonsense. Before August 18, 1920, the suffragettes had to do the dirty work to get us the right to vote, and after, women fought hard for social equality. Half the time, straight dismissal was the kindest reaction they got from society -- most of the time, it was cruel ridicule if not flat-out imprisonment.


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We know this, but still, the evidence is shocking. Want to know how tough it was to be a woman in the 1900s? Most women were expected to cook, clean, and raise children, and if a woman wanted to join the women's suffrage movement, she was discouraged, ridiculed, or even ostracized. We forget so easily, but it's important to remember the past so we can build a better future. These postcards are a reminder of these dark times before a woman had the right to vote or had the same rights as a man. We can prove it, too: Here are 18 postcards from the early 1900s that show off the truly disgusting way the world hated suffragettes. We still have a long way to go -- but we've really, truly come far, too.

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Image via Palczewski, Catherine H. Postcard Archive. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA.

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