Aly Raisman Agreed to a Date With an NFL Player & Here's Proof They're Meant to Be

Aside from being insanely cool and amazing, Aly Raisman has six Olympic medals and is one of the most talented people in gymnastics. If you ask us, that makes her a catch. And apparently, if you ask the NFL's Colton Underwood, he'd say the same thing. We know this because he did say the same thing: Aly got a video message from Colton where he said she's pretty great and that he'd love to take her on a date. She said (and we quote) "he's cute" and that yes, she would go on a date with him. And after digging deep into their respective social media accounts, we have determined that they are, in fact, perfect for each other, and we fully support literally everything about them as a potential couple.


The whole exchange (toward the end of this video) was caught on camera by Yahoo Sports:

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As you can see, Colton is an absolute peach, and Aly, though pretty blasé about the whole thing on camera, seems excited about dating an athlete. So is this a match made in heaven? Yeah, kind of.

Also, don't bother asking us if we feel like meddling parents because we're assuming they're soul mates before they've even meet in person. We absolutely feel like that, but we're not going to let that stop us! No way!

Okay, anyway. After that video was shot, Aly tweeted this:

And Colton, who is a certified gentleman, responded:

It didn't take much more than this to convince us that he's good enough for her, so the real question is whether they'll be good together. Judging from their Instagram interests, the answer is YEESSSS. 

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Look, they both like their dogs:

The toughest goodbye before camp. I'm gunna miss my pups

A photo posted by Colton Underwood (@colt3five) on

And their moms:

Mama :)

A photo posted by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on

Post Game

A photo posted by Colton Underwood (@colt3five) on

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And going to the gym/posting hot workout pics:

Already back in the gym.... #motivated ��

A photo posted by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on

- I don't believe in fate, everyone makes their our own opportunities - @athleticgaines @uafootball

A photo posted by Colton Underwood (@colt3five) on

Inspiring kids:

All Smiles

A photo posted by Colton Underwood (@colt3five) on

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And, naturally, showing off their beautiful faces and insane abs:

Rio beach day �

A photo posted by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on

2016 Off-Season in the books

A photo posted by Colton Underwood (@colt3five) on

Okay, so yeah! We're kind of obsessed. If they don't work out, our souls will be crushed and our lives will be over, but, like, no pressure! Have fun on your date, guys!


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