Some College Girls Made These Lame Signs to Fight Sexism -- & Failed Miserably

Sorority sign

Last year a bunch of dopey Old Dominion frat dudes hung signs that IDed their house as "freshman daughter drop off" and they welcomed "Mom too" -- because they are idiotic and horny and think they're funnier than they are. So this year West Virginia sorority sisters apparently made signs of their own. Girls, no. Just no.


The ladies painted huge signs that read "freshman son drop off" and "you can drop off daddy too" in an effort that I think was meant to poke fun at last year's frat stunt. But instead of being clever or witty, the signs just perpetuate the problem. Also the sexy "Daddy" reference is super gross.

Since these girls clearly haven't taken their women's studies class yet, I'll explain why their approach is problematic.

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The problem with the frat signs, besides being crude and disrespectful, is that they treated women as if their only value was their willingness to service the boys. The signs treated students and their mothers like sex dolls rather than people. Girls are sent to college to become educated, contributing members of society, not to serve as party favors for dudes.

So by making signs that only further sexualized yourselves, and by extension other young women, with messages like, "we hope your son's pull out game is strong" and "our milkshakes bring all the DILFS to the yard," you're just perpetuating the worst stereotypes of college women, and women in sororities in particular. Just stop. I'm begging you.

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Here are a few messages you might want to consider instead. College girls are more than the sum total of their sex parts. College girls are in school to learn math, science, and art, not land a hot guy. Those are stereotypes that keep women out of boardrooms and high-paying STEM jobs. Those are the kinds of labels that make it acceptable to dismiss or explain away sexual assault.

This is not okay and it's not very funny either.

That's not to say our girls shouldn't be sexy and celebrate their bodies. They should. But what we need to recognize is that the world our young girls inhabit isn't always safe and supportive of women who dare to want to be more than a hot chick in a bikini. You want to rebel? Saying a bunch of sex stuff isn't an act of feminist rebellion -- killing it in calculus is.

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I guess what I'm saying is that these girls need to be better than this. I'd also like to offer a solid piece of advice my own mother gave to me just before I went away to college: Sleeping with boys isn't a trick. Sleeping with boys doesn't make you cooler or seem more desirable. It's just one tiny aspect of the wonderful, interesting person you are, and don't ever forget that.

Now, roll up those dirty signs and go to class. And maybe check out women's studies.


Image via R_CollegeGirls/Twitter

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