17 Moms on Who They'll Be Voting for in This Presidential Election -- & Why

17 Moms on Who They'll Be Voting for in This Presidential Election -- & Why

After more than a year of debates, primaries, and two major national conventions, we are finally just a few months away from the 2016 presidential election. While polls seem to indicate that Hillary Clinton is the candidate to beat, there are still alternative party candidates and, of course, Donald Trump working hard to make sure the election is a tight one. 

We were curious to hear what issues were most important to real moms and which candidates they plan to vote for. Are moms all "with her" in the Hillary camp? Or is the "Walmart Mom" demographic going for Trump? 

Unsurprisingly, our interviews with moms from all over the country reveal just how diverse we actually are. From write-in choices and third party candidates to a strong showing for Hillary, there is no single answer to the question "Who do moms want to vote for?" Continue on for those insightful answers. 


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  • I'm With Her

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    "I want a president who encourages all children to dream big and has the experience, determination, and heart to run a country where those dreams can be supported, achieved, and celebrated. Hillary Clinton is the right candidate for me." -- Alice S., mother of two, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Looking for Someone Geniune

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    "Honestly I haven't decided on whether I will write in Bernie, or vote for Gary Johnson. I think for me, as crazy as it may sound, it is less about the issues and more about the person I believe is genuine. I absolutely believe that Bernie Sanders is completely genuine. I don't know that about Gary Johnson. They are complete opposites politically, however I love Bernie's passion. I agree that we need less government in a lot of things. I am probably a walking oxymoron." -- Holly R., mother of three, Tucson, Arizona

  • Never Trump Republican

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    "I am a Republican but I'm a 'f*ck Trump' Republican. Honestly, I'll probably vote for [Libertarian Gary] Johnson. I loathe Trump -- he is a misogynistic asshat who tears people down instead of building them up. Intolerance is never okay, especially in someone who is supposed to represent the people as a whole. I don't like Hillary either." -- Laura N., mother of two, Tucson, Arizona 

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  • Clinton Fan

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    "My loyalties lie with the Democratic Party and the Clinton family. I was a [Bill] Clinton White House intern way back in 1996. And, no, I never met Monica, but I was there the same semester she was.

    "I support Hillary because, as a woman and a mother, I stand behind her beliefs, her policies, and her qualifications to be president of the United States. I want to be part of the solution rather than listen to the Republican Party oppose progress and change. I want to be on the right side of history where gays can marry in all 50 states, assault rifles are not sold at Walmart, women are paid the same as men, and access to higher education isn't seen as privilege of some.

    "Yes, Donald Trump is a Washington outsider. But I don't want a rookie running my country. The same as I wouldn't want a pre-med student delivering my baby or the president of Delta Airlines flying my plane. I believe strongly in Hillary's experience in Washington and both her domestic and international leadership. Hillary has the ability to keep America as the land that embraces progress, welcomes immigrants, and works to make this a country I am proud to leave my children." -- Sara S., mother of four, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Make This Country Better

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    "I am an attorney living in Minnesota with my partner, Kari, and our son Felix, who is 16 months old. 
    "I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton because I think she is the most qualified person for the job. For me, things like combating income inequality, ensuring fair housing for all, providing a living wage, continuing the fight to ensure affordable health care, combating racial disparity, welcoming and protecting immigrants and refugees, ferociously protecting a woman's right to choose, and advocating for true LGBT+ rights across the country are the most important issues. While I don't agree with Secretary Clinton on every single aspect of policy, I believe that she has genuine, pragmatic solutions to make this country better, and truly understands the importance of her role as president." -- Karly K., mother of one, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Most Qualified

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    "Hillary Clinton is quite possibly the most qualified presidential candidate that has been nominated in my lifetime. She is someone who has spent her life working on policies to improve others' lives, particularly those who don't typically have people fighting for them. I respect what she has done as a lawyer and advocate, senator, and as Secretary of State and believe she would continue that work in the White House. She is someone who both Republicans and Democrats can respect, even if they disagree with her policy priorities, and will be a president that also has the respect of other world leaders." -- Melanie M., mom of two, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Anyone but Trump

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    "There are many facets to my voting preference this cycle.

    "First and foremost, I would vote for anyone, and I mean (almost) anyone to make sure Trump doesn't win. He is a hateful human being who has provoked a beast that will be hard to tame. I feel that when he loses, the people he has been baiting will continue their anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic, (insert random terrible thing) regime.

    "I will happily be voting for Hillary. In 2008 I felt it was time for a black man, and wasn't sure the US was ready for a female candidate. I feel the time is right and the candidate is very, very strong. Even without Trump as the competing candidate, she has a strong character, an impressive resume, and the temperament to be our leader. I am convinced anyone else with a history as long as hers in politics would have some baggage, and since the Republicans have been trying to sink her for decades, her negatives are more magnified than they would be otherwise (never mind much of it being either made up, exaggerated, or dragged on too long). I also feel the fact that she is female brings a lot of unnecessary negative attention, like the sound of her voice or what she wears. It's just noise.

    "As only a side note, I am also excited that my daughter might be able to see a woman as her president as she is growing up. I feel it would happen eventually, but so exciting that it may be happening now." -- Jennifer Y., mom of two, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Trump Is Change We Need

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    "I'm voting for Trump because we need to get rid of the establishment government in Washington before our country collapses at the hands of incompetent, self-absorbed politicians. We need a president who will deliver change. Clinton is entrenched in Washington politics and nothing new will be accomplished that will save our economy, our jobs, or our security if she's elected. 

    "The economy and national security are most important issues to me in this election." -- Kerrie H., mother of one, New York, New York
  • HRC!

    Image via Heather V.
    "I am with HRC! I must support the candidate that will raise my daughters up. The one that will speak kindly and respectfully. The one with the skill set, background, and talent to lead our country. I am delighted and honored that I will have the privilege of voting for Hillary Clinton in November." -- Heather V., mother of two, Chicago, Illinois
  • To Value His Life

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    "[My son] Campbell is my heart. I am voting this and every year because this country MUST value his life and much as his father and I do! It is my charge to make sure the person elected as president of these United States understands this. I am planning to vote for Hillary Clinton." -- Andrea M., mother of one, Tulsa, Oklahoma 

  • Trump Delegate

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    "As a mom I support Trump for the election in November.

    "Trump has conservative and traditional views. As a politician he represents the people, not corporate pocket books, and his stance has not wavered. Trump cannot be bought and is not subject to change as his current running mate changes her views.

    "As the wife of a legal immigrant who is the father to my children, it brings overwhelming joy to see a candidate who believes immigration is a privilege, not a right, and it is not unfair to ask others to come legally just as those have before them. Trump does not support wealth redistribution as much as creating wealth and having pride in doing so; his tax ideas foster a budget using money currently circulating. I will vote Trump this election as he supports my first amendment freedom of speech as he uses his. My second amendment -- he will let the individual state decide what gun control works for them as what works in Minnesota might not work in New York. He supports pro-life with exceptions so abortion is not used as birth control.

    "Trump supports affordable health care and access to it unlike the current Obamacare. His choices for Supreme Court justices affect our children's children and his choices are phenomenal –- I feel comfortable dying and knowing the legacy left behind will take care of future generations." -- Mandy E., mother of four, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Team Hillary

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    "I'm voting for Hillary Clinton. I supported her in 2008 (I wanted a woman president, but supported Obama and have loved him as president) and in the recent primaries. Bernie did not convince me that he understands the extreme racial inequality in this country.

    "Hillary has made mistakes (like any politician), but what I appreciate about her is how she responds to, owns up to, and grows from her mistakes. I'm not voting for her because I want a first woman president (although I see this as an added benefit), or because I'm afraid of Trump (although I am). I agree with her policies and approach. I find her experience and expertise to be reassuring as our country and our politics feel more divided, manipulated, and fear-based than ever. I am with her." -- Susi K., mother of two, Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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  • Undecided

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    "I just don't know. I hate them both and a third party candidate isn't a real choice. I might sit this one out." -- Jennifer P., mother of three, San Diego, California

  • Lesser of Two Evils

    Image via Janice D.

    "Well, I am picking what I THINK is the lesser of two evils. I don't like either choice, and write-in or third party won't accomplish anything. 

    "So I feel that HRC will be more of the same and Trump is an unknown so I think I am voting for Trump to try something different. It may be a disaster or it may work out good. It may be that our nation has turned so far away from God that he brings us to our knees, and if so I am guessing our next president will be the one to make us fall.

    "God is in control so whoever is president, He has a plan. Maybe for the good, maybe because we need to be reminded how much we need God. But I cannot vote for someone who is so pro-choice. And I hate the establishment politicians." -- Janice V., mother of four, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Voting for Johnson

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    "I plan to vote for Gary Johnson. I'm a Libertarian by party, registered and all. But I don't necessarily feel pressure to vote within your party, regardless of what it is.

    "I align most closely with his core beliefs -- he's fiscally conservative while being socially liberal.

    "Fiscally, he doesn't believe in bailouts or stimulus packages but instead on reclaiming the people's right to their money. In short, less government in your money. Very constitutionalist on this. And I agree with this. 

    "Most importantly to me though, since I don't see an immediate or quick end to the financial disaster we have ourselves in, is his social views. He's as progressive as Obama and then some. He believes in a woman's right to chose, civil rights (wants to overturn Prop 8), and most importantly to me, wants a full separation of church and state. I don't want any religion in my government at all, ever." -- AndreAnna M., mother of 2, Davenport, Iowa

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  • Write-in Choice?

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    "I don't plan to vote for Hillary Clinton or Trump but I still need to take a closer look at Gary Johnson and the other options. I might do a write-in vote. Colin Powell?

    "Important topics to me are abortion (pro-life), social justice, good education for all (at least through high school), health care issues. A quote I like by Colin Powell is 'build our children instead of building jails' and he has a lot of other good stuff too.

    "One thing I don't get is how people are so far apart on abortion and social issues -- to me it's helping/saving all the people, whether born or not yet born."-- Carla H., mother of two, Dyer, Indiana

  • Proud to Vote

    Image via Rhoda A.

    "This is my first election to vote for in the United States. I will be voting for Hillary Clinton. She is strong and smart! My daughters can grow up to be like her!" -- Rhoda G., mother of three, Atlanta, Georgia 

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