8 Ways Donald Trump's Nightmarish Week Foreshadows a Nightmarish Presidency

Donald Trump has had one hell of a sh***y week, and by that we of course mean that Donald Trump probably had a fine week, but everyone around him who was emotionally traumatized by his insults or optically assaulted by his face have had sh***y weeks. For a guy who's so good at routinely offending every kind of person imaginable, he's gone above and beyond in the past few days -- he even managed to offend babies, which we didn't even know was possible -- and it's giving us a taste of what a Trump America would look like. No huge surprise here, but we don't love it ... at all.


Here are eight terrible things Donald Trump has done in just the past seven days, and eight "policies" that would probably result from the offenses if he were actually elected president. 

Seven days, guys. That's all. God knows what's in store for us in the next 90-something days until the election.

  1. OFFENSE: Suggesting that it's on women to quit their jobs and their careers if they're sexually harassed in the workplace. It's what he'd want Ivanka to do, he said.

    FUTURE POLICY: Naturally, this translates into even fewer protections for women in the workplace than already exist. It would also mean reducing men's responsibility in sexual harassment and assault scenarios to a clean zero. We love being women!!!

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  2. OFFENSE: Insulting war hero and Gold Star army captain Humayun Khan's family by suggesting that his mother, Ghazala Khan, was silent during her husband's DNC speech because she "wasn't allowed to have anything to say."

    FUTURE POLICY: Formalized religious intolerance in the form of a ban on all Muslims in the country. Obviously. We assume we'd also see a more complete crackdown on the first amendment rights of anyone who's not Christian or Catholic, but we don't want to give him any ideas.
  3. OFFENSE: Kicked a baby out of a campaign rally. Yes, really! He also called the small human child "it" ... and mocked the baby's mother for good measure.

    Oh jeez, we dunno. Anti-baby policies would probably go to the tune of less paid maternity leave for new moms, less education and health care support for young children, and providing less funding for the already struggling foster care system. On the other hand, if he hates babies so much, does that mean he'd be pro-choice?

  4. OFFENSE: Trump's running mate Mike Pence guaranteed that Trump's pick for Supreme Court nominee would see Roe v. Wade "consigned to the ash heap of history where it belongs." (Hard "lol no" to the pro-choice thing after all.)

    FUTURE POLICY: Do we even have to say it? No safe option to have an abortion is a given, but we'd also see women's access to health care squashed like our reason for living if the hypothetical Trump/Pence administration has its way.

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  5. OFFENSE: Signing an anti-porn pledge and promising to "crack down on pornography" after systematically reducing women to their bodies and marrying -- you got it -- a former Playboy cover star. He even once graced Playboy's cover himself, and even offered to buy it.

    FUTURE POLICY: Since the pledge and and the GOP both identify pornography as a "public health crisis," it looks like this will mean a full-blown government commitment to battling the evil powers of porn while giving gun violence, Zika, and obesity a break from all the attention. 

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  6. OFFENSE: Refusing to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in their own campaigns because both of them took their sweet time endorsing him earlier this year. He said, "I'm just not quite there yet," which is the same phrase Paul Ryan used against him before giving him the okay in June. Wow, are we on a middle school playground or what?

    FUTURE POLICY: As if we don't already have enough of an issue of lawmakers not working together out of spite and pettiness, Trump would front a government where failure to compromise leads to frequent government shutdowns and our entire country collapses. Wahoo!

  7. OFFENSE: Claiming this entire election is rigged (but probably only if he loses, right?) and calling out "voter fraud."

    FUTURE POLICY: In all seriousness, talking voter fraud is really dangerous because voter ID laws typically come next, and those unfairly block minorities and low-income Americans from casting ballots. So, no. Trump accusing the Dems of cheating also undermines the function of our democracy, which primes the country for civil violence and seizure of power by vocal and manipulative leaders. If you think that sounds a lot like a dictatorship, you're not wrong.

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  8. OFFENSE: Saying that his buddy Vladimir Putin won't move his military into Ukraine, even though he totally already has. So essentially, admitting he's clueless about foreign relations. That plus the Morning Joe segment this week where Joe Scarborough said Trump asked THREE TIMES why we're not using our nuclear weapons if we have them. (Technically, Trump asked that some months ago -- Scarborough is just reporting on a conversation he had with an anonymous source now. So it wasn't technically this week, but it's still concerning enough to count.) 

    FUTURE POLICY: No policy. Just the end of America. No biggie!

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