11 Real Women Explain Exactly What's at Stake for Us in This Election

For all our talk about politics and involvement and "the issues," it's not reeeally that often that we look for opportunities to DO something about it. It's not an easy thing to do, and an even harder thing to find time for. But we always wish we did more, which means we have the most possible respect for people who do DO -- especially when they're campaigning for issues that are important to us, too.

Here are 11 very real, very "normal" women we met at the Democratic National Convention this year. They have something to say about issues that are important to them -- the same issues that should be important to all of us. They're the ones showing us what's at stake in this election (and why they think the Democratic party can help them), and we can't thank them enough.


Image via cafemomofficial/Instagram

2016 election democratic national convention moms matter

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