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What 7 Military Moms Really Think About Donald Trump's Attack on War Hero's Family

Khizr and Ghazala Khan took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to honor their son, US Army Captain Humayun Khan, a solider who died protecting his fellow soldiers in Iraq. After delivering a poignant and passionate speech that voiced their views on Donald Trump’s immigration stance, the Gold Star parents have come under fire from none other than the presidential candidate himself. Trump has since made stereotypical and disparaging remarks about their religion -- and he’s even dared to compare his sacrifices in business to the sacrifices the Khan family made when sending Humayun off to war and never seeing him again.

No matter which party you may or may not support, Trump’s insensitive comments toward this couple were unnecessary, and some political officials are calling for action. CafeMom has reached out to military moms (and moms of military families) to get their honest and unfiltered opinions on the matter. Find out what these women have to say about Trump and the backlash the Khans have faced at the hands of the GOP candidate running for the highest office in our nation.


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1Thinks Trump's a Disgrace

"I am a veteran and spent 22 years as the spouse of a military member. I'm appalled at Donald Trump's lack of empathy regarding the sacrifices that military dependents or parents of military members endure. Donald Trump solidified my opinion of him even further. He is out of touch with the reality of most Americans. He has no concept of suffering, compassion, or acceptance. His loud opinion is a disgrace to the presidency and I hope we never see that day." -- Kim Kutcher, 46, California, United States Air Force Veteran

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2Says Military Members Aren't Props

"As a former vet and military wife, I am absolutely disgusted by Clinton's use as a political stepping stone to gain sympathetic votes by exploiting the parents of their son killed in action. She was and is disgusting for doing this. This young man freely enlisted and served his country proud!" -- Debby Brito, South Carolina, United States Air Force Veteran

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3Fears for the Nation

"I grew up a military brat. My father was in military intelligence and was once taken hostage by the Kuwaiti government. He is a two-time Vietnam vet, Afghan and Iraq [war] vet. He served on the council with Colin Powell in the Reconstruction of Iraq (the attempt of), was Director of African Affairs at the Pentagon, and served in Russia, Tunisia, Iraq, Germany, and throughout the Middle East.

"That Trump can't even remember why he avoided the draft is upsetting to us. But when Trump [said] in an interview that he, Trump, knew more about foreign policy than the generals in the Pentagon ... It was not just ignorant and ridiculous and showed how completely and utterly disconnected this man is from real intelligence work -- it was insulting. He would never know the true importance of intelligence gathering, about putting your life on the line, about risking your life for others, or working for the betterment of our nation -- not because we only care about ourselves but because we recognize that we have to find a way to live, work, and exist among other nations.

"Trump's level of ignorance is dangerous.

"I've not been a great fan of Clinton's and, [because of my] intelligence connections, I was disturbed by her security breach and lack of judgment. However, Clinton understands the finer nuances of military intelligence work and foreign policy. Trump is beyond insulting and stupid ... He is dangerous and harmful to our nation, to our military, to our efforts in intelligence gathering, and to our foreign policies." -- Alexandra Allred, 50, Texas, Daughter of Retired Colonel in the United States Army, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)

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4Still on the Trump Train

"I back Trump 100 percent and will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I agree that Trump needs to polish his speeches and word choices, but I am on board with nearly everything he stands behind." -- Lori Kilpatrick, Texas, Retired United States Air Force MSgt and Disabled Veteran

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5Wants the Politics Out of Politics

"What is disheartening about this is that Mr. Trump plays on the fear of Americans. He knows that people are afraid of the unknown and on more than one occasion he has drummed up that fear. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement clashed with his supporters at several of his rallies leading up to the convention. Soldiers come in all colors and practice many religions. Being an American is in your heart -- no one can take that away from you. My view of Mr. Trump has changed from just having a difference in views about the current state of our country and what we need to work on for the next four years to having no respect for the man.

"He is acting like this campaign and leading our country is as easy as [running] a reality TV show ... I think he lacks integrity and his manipulative ways of playing on voters' fears are dangerous not only on our own soil but to our foreign relations with our allies. War is something that changes you forever and it should not be discussed so lightly. He is so arrogant and unwilling to listen that he had the audacity to compare his sacrifices as a businessman to the sacrifice of a soldier who lost his life defending his country.

"I honestly do not think that either candidate is right for the job. Neither is the leader that we need right now. I am very uncomfortable with being faced with the lesser-of-two-evils scenario. This election season proved to us everything that is wrong with the party system of voting ... We need more oversight into the voting process after the shameful emails from the DNC. There are too many loopholes and unnecessary barriers for candidates who have the support of the people such as superdelegates. The politics of politics has made it so that I am not sure who I am going to vote for. One thing for sure is that I am not going to vote for someone because I have to. There are other candidates." -- Samantha L. Pree-Stinson, 35, Minnesota, Retired United States Army Medical SGT 

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6Feels Disrepected

"I lost a nephew in Iraq, Lance Corporal Nicholas Whyte, on June 21, 2006.  I believe Trump's statements to Mr. and Mrs. Khan were heartless and extremely disrespectful to the memory of their son, Humayun Khan.

"The fact that he questioned Mrs. Khan's silent and emotional support of her husband at the DNC Convention, which was a negative connotation of their Muslim religion, showed he doesn't understand humane emotions and that he never sacrificed anything significant that would allow him empathize with others.

"Trump goes on and then justifies his behavior by saying he also had sacrifices. Are you kidding? How dare he state building structures is equivalent to a hero's sacrifice of his/her life and the impact such sacrifices have on their Gold Star families.

"I can tell you the impact of losing my nephew practically destroyed his mom, dad, and our family. I still cannot look at Nicky's photo without feeling the loss and this year is the 10-year anniversary of his death.

"Trump stated he received a Purple Heart Medal from a veteran and 'getting it was easy.' The GOP candidate has no soul. I know veterans can do whatever they like with their Purple Heart; however, I feel the veteran did himself, other veterans, soldiers, and Gold Star families a disservice if he did, in fact, give the GOP candidate the medal. Trump's reaction to receiving the medal just proved his disrespect of this veteran's service and all soldiers and veterans." -- Marie Delus, 48, New York, Former United States Marine Lance Corporal and Veteran of Desert Storm 

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7Can't Vote for Either

"It makes me sad that candidates are using military members that have sacrificed their lives for political purposes. I believe using the military for political purposes is wrong. Neither candidate has served themselves or had their children serve, so they truly cannot understand. I don't understand why Mr. Trump felt the need to comment on Mrs. Khan not speaking. To me she is a mother, who lost her son. She doesn't need to say anything. I personally do not like either of the big party candidates and will not be voting for either of them." -- Brandi Minium, 37, Oregon, Medically Retired United States Air Force Ssgt

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