13 Disgustingly Sexist Tweets From Donald Trump, Our Reigning Misogynist-in-Chief

donald trumpAs everyone knows, Donald Trump's Twitter account is an endless stream of poorly worded, repetitive expressions of willful ignorance and blind hate -- and, as everyone also knows, much of that vitriol has been directed squarely at women. From slamming women for not being "attractive" enough to expressing disgust over their natural bodily functions, Trump has made Twitter his own personal platform for promoting misogyny. It makes for uncomfortable reading, but more importantly we have to remember what this presidential hopeful has said about mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters everywhere.


It's hard to imagine how any woman could consider voting for Trump after reading some of the following messages -- in fact, it's hard to imagine how any human being could vote for him. Don't believe us? Click through our slideshow!


Image via Splash News

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