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13 Disgustingly Sexist Tweets From Donald Trump, Our Reigning Misogynist-in-Chief

donald trumpAs everyone knows, Donald Trump's Twitter account is an endless stream of poorly worded, repetitive expressions of willful ignorance and blind hate -- and, as everyone also knows, much of that vitriol has been directed squarely at women. From slamming women for not being "attractive" enough to expressing disgust over their natural bodily functions, Trump has made Twitter his own personal platform for promoting misogyny. It makes for uncomfortable reading, but more importantly we have to remember what this presidential hopeful has said about mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters everywhere.

It's hard to imagine how any woman could consider voting for Trump after reading some of the following messages -- in fact, it's hard to imagine how any human being could vote for him. Don't believe us? Click through our slideshow!


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1Blaming the Victim

Clearly, Donald Trump believes that men are incapable of controlling themselves around women -- and that's entirely women's fault, of course. Who's the real "genius" here?

2Goofy Gaffe

Talk about a "dumb tweet" -- this one calling the incredibly accomplished, fair-minded, and intelligent Elizabeth Warren "goofy" is about as dumb as you can get.

4The "B" Word

Hey, guess what? There are other things to call women besides "bimbos," Donald Trump. (And, FYI, virtually no one else has used that word for several decades.)

5Rug Rat

So you promise not to stoop so low as to talk about Cher's alleged "massive" plastic surgeries? Because whoops! You just did, Donald. (To the surprise of no one.)

7Truly Tacky

Trump showed all the class and maturity of a schoolyard bully when he claimed it would take a payout of at least a trillion dollars for him to make out with Rosie O'Donnell. (Rosie probably wouldn't make out with Trump for ANY amount of money!)

8Oh, the Irony

Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton was in no way, shape, or form the WORST abuser of "woman" in US political history -- her husband's past behavior has absolutely no bearing on Hillary Clinton's policies. 

9Cheap Shot

There he goes again, saying exactly what he said he wasn't going to say. (And also, there he goes again slamming an accomplished, successful woman with stage presence for days for her looks.)

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10Misogynist Mud Slinging

First of all, Sarah Jessica Parker is gorgeous. Secondly, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all (especially when nobody asked you in the first place). And finally, people who live in glass houses ...

11Tabloid Tyrant

What's more disturbing here? That Donald Trump is slut-shaming a Hollywood actress young enough to be his granddaughter, or that he was actually following the gossip surrounding the stars of Twilight to begin with?

12King of Denial

Considering that the New York Times piece in question ("Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private") detailed numerous unwelcome advances and other instances of offensive behavior, we have to wonder if Trump can even read.

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13No Reason for Treason

Donald Trump apparently thinks so little of Hillary Clinton (and women in general) that he considers it perfectly fine to challenge other countries to spy on one of our elected officials. To borrow a phrase from Trump himself -- sad!

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