14 States Ranked as the Biggest Body-Shaming Bullies on Twitter

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Body shaming is something that we've been collectively working to change as the notion of body positivity has gone mainstream. But while we've made major strides and some major changes, we've definitely still got a long way to go -- especially as we continue to create new platforms for bullying with social media. Yes, mean tweets are real.

It's one thing to try to fight magazines and the media for its perspective on body image -- but when you add social media to the mix, you sometimes give ignorance a voice that cannot be contained. Sadly, instead of uplifting and encouraging one another to change for a better, healthier us, it can turn into plain old bullying. Sure, it happens everywhere, but are there certain places where body shaming is more prevalent than others? The answer is yes. EllipticalReviews.com  surveyed 17,000 "fat-shaming related tweets" countrywide (analyzing the number of vile tweets per million people) and found that these 14 states were the top offenders.

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