Fox News Reporter Ainsley Earhardt Is a Working Mom Living the Dream at the RNC

It's another early morning as a new mom, but for Ainsley Earhardt, it's not because she's been yanked out of sleep by the cries of her baby daughter. The Fox News reporter has another reason to get up before the sun -- she has a dream job to get to. This week she's been reporting from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, marking two important milestones in her life.


Not only is this the first time Ainsley's been to a national convention -- it's also the first time she's left her 8-month-old baby daughter Hayden for more than one night. And all moms know how hard it is to leave their baby for the first time.

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I had the opportunity to chat with Ainsley on behalf of CafeMom about how she landed her dream job, what it's like balancing motherhood and her career, and her hopes for the convention ... and then I pretty much sat back in awe of her and decided to take her advice about choosing to have a positive attitude in life, and never ever giving up on any of your aspirations.

Because right now Ainsley -- below with her Fox & Friends cohosts interviewing former Texas governor Rick Perry and "lone survivor" Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell at the RNC -- is pretty much living her dream.

In fact, attending a national convention is actually a dream that's been 20 years in the making for Ainsley. After she worked for an orthodontist in high school, the doctor offered to pay her way through medical school if she would commit to taking over his practice someday. After two years of majoring in biology, she knew in her heart that she had to make a major change to follow her passion of working in journalism.

"I talked to my parents and prayed about it," she says. "Then I called [the doctor] and told him, 'I love you and I love your family, and thank you for everything y'all have done for me, but I think I really need to follow my heart's desire and my passion that I've had since I was a child.'"

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Her journey took her to another school with an excellent journalism program -- the University of South Carolina -- where she enrolled in the broadcasting school, and the rest was history. "I have not looked back," she proudly shares with CafeMom. "I have loved every minute of it."

Since February, Ainsley has been cohosting Fox & Friends with Steve Doocy (see their selfie below) and Brian Kilmeade -- a job that she did not expect to land while on maternity leave. After her daughter Hayden was born last November, she said she was encouraged to take her full maternity leave (four months!) -- but just before she came back to work, she got an unexpected call from the head of the company to tell her she had been promoted.

"I was just so excited. It was a dream come true. Roger Ailes promoted me while I was on maternity leave -- and you know most women in our profession or any profession are nervous about telling their bosses or talking about pregnancy and work or that kind of thing," she says of her now-former boss. "But he's just a champion of women, and he supported me."

Ainsley said that everyone at Fox News has been so incredibly encouraging of her, and her nursery was basically put together thanks to the kind gifts she received from her coworkers. And even though she regularly wakes up long before her daughter does to get to the so-called office, she doesn't mind the early hours since it often means she gets to spend the afternoons with Hayden.

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She tries to take every day as a new challenge and not get bogged down by the things on her to-do list that don't get accomplished. "I think it's how you choose to go through life, and I choose to have a positive attitude, and I choose to make it work, and I feel like I try to balance it all," she says. "I know there are some days where I don't feel like I'm as good at something -- either the job or balancing being a mother, but you just do it. And it's awesome. It's something that's worth it to me because I can't imagine now that I have a child not being a mom."

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