Raising a Family in America Is Stressful – Especially When Living in These 20 Cities

Stressed familyThere is absolutely no doubt that stress is a major part of modern family life, with more than 100 million Americans feeling strained (that's nearly a third of the population!). Crazy, right? But according to a recent analysis of 150 cities by personal finance website WalletHub, there are actually some locations where households tend to cope better with family-related stress than others. Feeling stressed? Maybe it's time to see where the old hometown ranks ...

To determine the stress level in families in a given city, the study considered a variety of factors including divorce rates, the percentage of single parents, and the general well-being index. (Analysts also looked at overarching trends that can affect how a family feels, such as which cities suffered from the most overall stress, health-related stress, safety-related stress, work-related stress, and money-related stress.)

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Read on to see the top 20 most stressful cities for families in America. For those who look though this list and find the name of a city that they call home and think it might be time for an address change, why not consider moving to California? Besides the sea and the sunny weather, it's home to many of the country's least stressful cities!


 Image via iStock.com/@JackF

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