Watch Stephen Colbert Channel 'The Hunger Games' & Skewer Trump IRL

Stephen Colbert, for all his brains and beauty, has kind of fallen off our radar since he moved off Comedy Central and onto CBS. We'd lost track of him for a bit, but he's back and badder than ever this week at the place we'd least expect him to be: the Republican National Convention. We're not sure who let him inside or onstage, but somebody did, and it turned into a gift to us all -- Stephen Colbert got hold of an RNC mic for a second and managed to barb Mike Pence and Donald Trump before getting ushered off the stage. In his wig. Did we mention he was dressed as Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games? He was. Looked great, too.


This was all apparently part of a running bit on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that he's calling "Hungry for Power Games," and it looked a little like this:

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Trump, he says, has "formed an alliance with Indiana governor Mike Pence." Then his head falls down and he blacks out (huh?), but when he "wakes up," he launches and begins the Republican National Hungry for Power Games.

The best part, though, happens next: As security ushers him offstage, Colbert says, "Look, I know I'm not supposed to be up here, but to be honest, neither is Donald Trump."

They do kind of have the same level of political experience, so maybe he's not wrong.

Here's Stephen's costume in full, in his place of power:

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We're not sure if this was all a setup for a segment or if one of the most well-known, well-respected liberal comedians actually managed to sneak onto the stage at the RNC (which would actually be very distressing if true), but we do know Colbert's committed to covering the RNC with flair. We're getting this from that video, but also from the RNC bingo card Colbert released on his website, featuring squares labeled with gems like "BABY WITH WRITING ON IT," "VIDEO SCREEN SHOWS WHEAT FIELD," and "MELANIA SPEAKS FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS."

So, yes. We're excited for the Republican National Convention. We're also excited to watch The Late Show again, and we're excited about the fact that we're excited about that.

Politics, man! Exciting stuff.


Image via StephenAtHome/Twitter

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