Mike Pence for VP Is Horrible News for Women -- & Actually, Everyone Else, Too

Mike Pence is, to be totally honest, kind of a monster. And he's a monster we'll have to deal with a lot from now on because Donald Trump officially picked him as his running mate, which means he could potentially be the vice president of the United States of America. We're terrified, and all women should be, too. This guy is not on our side, and his past actions prove it. 


We'll start with the biggie: Mike Pence does not want women to have abortions. He has, quite consistently, forwarded legislation making abortions unreasonably difficult for women to get, both as a former House representative and the current governor of Indiana. He's Khaleesi on her dragons, rolling up to cities and incinerating them. Except it's not a dragon he's on, it's the Republican-controlled Congress. And it's not cities he's incinerating, it's Planned Parenthood. The discolored eyebrows, though, he's got.

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In Pence's perfect anti-women world:

Actually, in Pence's perfect world, abortions wouldn't be allowed at all. But the Supreme Court won't let him do that, so he's coming up with all this other nonsense instead.

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I don't care where you stand on the ethics of abortion -- it's not Mike Pence's decision to make. It's ours. And Pence will take that away from us.

So, that all sucks. But it isn't even close to the end of it. When he's taking a break from raging war on women, Pence is taking a stab at bringing down the LGBT community, immigrants, and minimum wage workers.

How? Let's review:

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He's also BFFs with the NRA, but, like, who in the GOP isn't at this point?

Is that all? For now, maybe. But we're pretty sure we're not going to like what this guy says in the next few months, and you betcha you'll be hearing from us about it.

Until then.


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