Everything Michelle Obama's 'Mom Face' Said as George W. Bush Got His Dance On

Michelle obama reacts to george w bushSome things we'll just never understand: Why we hit every red light when we're running late. Why the kids are sick when we're able to get a sitter and a dinner reservation. Or why George W. Bush was dancing at the Dallas Memorial Service for the five police officers who were killed by a sniper. At least we're in good company. First Lady Michelle Obama seemed to have a hard time figuring out what was going on, too. 


When the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was played, the former president seemed unable to contain himself. We get it: It's not every day that you get Republicans and Democrats under one roof for a common cause. And, let's not forget, Dubya was in his home state, so perhaps he was feeling more comfortable than if he were in, say, New York. 

Warning: It's a little hard to watch.

The FLOTUS does her best to keep it together. Kudos, Michelle.

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Oh, man, he's feelin' it now.

We're coming to the chorus now!

Perhaps the spirit moved Bush and he was swept up in a moment of patriotism. Let's just hope that's what it is.


Image via Breaking News/YouTube

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