Dear Sanders Supporters: It's Time to #FollowTheBern and Get #WithHer

For a good portion of the 13 million people who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, the day he officially endorsed "#CrookedHillary" was a heartbreaking one. And I get it. Bernie got voters passionate in a way they hadn't been in a long time, and it's hard to let that go. Bernie also got a lot of people to hate Hillary Clinton, and it's hard to let that go, too. But, guys: It's time. 


I know you were excited about an anti-establishment candidate and I know you don't love -- let alone trust -- Hillary. But the way the cards are sitting right now (and the way they'll likely remain until November), the next president of the United States is going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And we cannot let Trump be an option. 

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If you really believe in Bernie and the politics he preached, then you can't endorse the hatred and intolerance that Trump would bring to the White House. And as sad you might be about it, voting for anyone but Hillary is a secondhand endorsement for Trump.

In the next four years, the president will have to deal with abortion and gun violence and international threats and internal threats and racism and health care and public education and women's rights, all of which are kind of at breaking points and kind of splitting the nation. The two candidates we've got are, for the most part, spread out on either side of the line, and who you choose will actually, definitely, 100 percent push the country onto one side or the other -- either by their own actions or through their Supreme Court nominee.

So. Choose right.

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I know that Bernie Sanders wanted to rewrite American politics. I know that he didn't play "the game" and I know that he had noble dreams about separating bank and state. That all needs to be done at some point soon, but it's a big job. Maybe this just isn't the year. There's a lot on the line, and it doesn't seem fair to sacrifice the livelihood of American citizens at the feet of a lofty dream.

Hillary isn't perfect, but she's the best chance we've got at not undoing the work Obama's been doing for the past eight years. How can you deny her that chance when you know what the alternative would be?

Look, you love Bernie. You've followed him everywhere so far. Why can't you follow him here, too? 


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