Watch This Video & You'll See Exactly Why Gretchen Carlson Is Suing Fox News

Gretchen Carlson sues fox friends videoIt's hard to fathom that in 2016 America sexual harassment in the workplace continues to exist. It's even harder, still, to imagine it happening to you over and over again -- and in front of an audience, no less. Of course, after you see this video, it will come as no surprise that Fox & Friends award-winning anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against her former boss, Roger Ailes, and named co-host Steve Doocy as a culprit of ongoing sexual harassment.


Carlson is alleging that she lost her job after refusing Ailes's advances. And when you think of sexual harassment, you typically imagine it happening after-hours like that, behind closed doors. But, in this cringeworthy supercut video put together by Bloomberg Politics, you can watch Carlson being objectified and demeaned again and again.

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Imagine if the tables were turned and two women were barraging a male colleague with sexual innuendos while he's trying to do his job? It would come off like a ridiculous Saturday Night Live skit.

We have to hand it to Carlson; she handed their nonsense like a professional, never losing her cool on the air. But, still, that could not have been a comfortable work environment for her to say the least. 

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And, as if what we see in this video wasn't outrageous enough, according to court documents, Ailes's response to Carlson's complaint was that she should've learned to "get along with the boys."

To put it in terms these fellas can relate to, we hope Carlson sues the pants off them!

Images via Bloomberg Politics/YouTube

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