14 Moms on Why They Are Totally Cool With Owning a Gun

14 Moms on Why They Are Totally Cool With Owning a Gun

People of all walks of life choose to own guns, even if it doesn't seem to make sense to others. Some may ask why a mother would want to keep firearms under the same roof as her children. Aren't kids and guns a bad mix?


It may sound scary if your biggest exposure to guns is action movies and horrific news stories, but many believe that owning a gun --handled safely and properly -- is no more dangerous than owning kitchen knives. Plus, it can be really empowering, both as a woman and as a parent, to know that you have the means to protect yourself if the need should arise.

Here are 14 moms on why safe gun ownership is right for them and their families.


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  • Can't Be Too Safe

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    "I'm actually considering it for the first time ever. I feel no reason not to be able to protect myself in any situation. Why be unarmed if you can be armed? You can never be too safe these days." -- Ericka S., Indianapolis, Indiana

  • No Time to Wait

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    "Average police response time is nine minutes. A lot can happen in nine minutes, and I want to be able to protect my family." -- Karen E. (location withheld)

  • Protection on the Road

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    "I'm married to a law enforcement officer, but I've been shooting since I was 8 years old. I travel a lot around the state by myself and often to areas I'm not familiar with. It's the best protection." -- Kimberly H., Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Why Wait for the Cavalry?

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    "Ain't nobody got time to wait for the cavalry." -- Wanda W., Hickory, North Carolina

  • Her Husband Won't Worry

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    "I'm a firearms instructor and I met my wife at the range. She bought her first gun and learned to shoot before we met. She used to live alone and knew she needed a way to defend herself from larger or multiple attackers. We live in a very good neighborhood with lots of military, police, and gun owners, and I don't have to worry about her and our newborn son while I'm away." -- Weldon M. (location withheld)

  • Trusted Protection

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    "I know that I can't always trust others to protect myself and my children in the way that I could ... You just never know; better safe than sorry." -- Jenn G., Silverdale, Washington

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  • Just in Case Uncle Sam Gets Any Ideas

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    "I think it's worth remembering that the second amendment was put in place as a measure to protect the American people from a tyrannical government." -- Jenn P., San Diego, California

  • A Chance to Change a Mind

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    "A police officer told me once, 'When we get to a call, by the time we get there we are coming to write a report.' You need to be able to protect yourself and your kids. I have a 9mm, .38, and .22, and also three mastiffs to give anyone who dares to enter a second chance to change their minds and run." -- Christie-Lee M., Scarborough, Maine

  • Because Some Jerks Don't Understand the Word 'No'

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    "Because I can't keep my hoohah at home in another pair of pants." -- Shira A. (location withheld)

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  • Ultimate Peace of Mind

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    "Lived in a town with higher crime and wasn't gonna wait for the PD to scrape me up after the fact. Concealed carry and peace of mind." -- Tuesday S., Merry Hill, North Carolina

  • First Responder

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    "Because I am the first responder to any crisis with my family." -- Mari M. (location withheld) 

  • For Fun

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    "My hubby and I like to go to the shooting range for a fun date!" -- Name Withheld

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  • To Keep Bullies Away

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    "I'm a single mom, and my ex knows I support all 10 amendments to the Bill of Rights, and this alone has discouraged him from entering my house at will. He's a bully and loves to get away with it. But he also knows that if I had an intruder, I would shoot first, ask questions later. Nine years happily single now, no intruders. My experience reinforces the principle that armed citizens deter crime." -- Name Withheld

  • Single Mom Power

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    "I'm a single mom! And the sole protector of me and my children." -- Mandy B., Henderson, Nevada

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