Men's Mag Teaches Readers How to Turn 'No' into 'Yes' -- Um, Isn't That Rape?!

In the past few years, big magazines and editorial brands have made some gigantic steps toward publishing content that's cool and kind toward women, but to no one's real surprise, some of your favorite men's interest magazines haven't gotten the memo yet. That's why Men's Fitness okayed an article unequivocally telling its male readers that a woman's "no" in a bar or in the bedroom means men should step up their game instead of back off and respect the woman's wishes. Which, like ... no? Absolutely not?


The article got serious clap back from Twitter almost immediately, which caused Men's Fitness editors to remove the most offensive section (the one about a "no" in the bedroom, naturally) from the article. At some point, though, they realized even that wasn't enough, and they pulled the whole thing down off their site.

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But some of the text lives on at Twitter dot com if you're looking for a good long cringe:

Disgusting, right? Right!! If a woman says no, men need to take her seriously enough to believe that she means it. If they assume she really means yes, then they're essentially assuming they know her thoughts and wishes better than she herself does, which is basically patting her on the head and being like, "DUMB WOMAN! I AM A SMART MAN AND WILL NOW DO ALL YOUR THINKING FOR YOU!"

Which is obviously offensive. Which is why we don't like it.

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Not that it's really relevant at all, but just for reference, here's a visual of Nick Savoy, the former "Master Instructor" with Love Systems, who penned the article and who presumably "plows ahead" with women who tell him no at bars:

All of this just reminds us of the sad fact that a lot of our progressive feminist rhetoric is lost on the wrong crowd. The people who are active recipients of discussions about rape culture and consent aren't the ones who need to hear it, you know? It's people like Nick Savoy who need to hear it, and our guess is that he's not reading brands that forward the feminist agenda.

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So maybe, in a kind of effed up way, this is good. The kick back Men's Fitness is getting for this article is, at the very least, a sign that publishing articles like this is not okay. It does seem like they're listening to Twitter's critique, and we can hope that they internalize the lessons being thrown at them and not become repeat offenders of the same mistake.

And if we're really lucky, they'll stop publishing this stuff because they truly understand how and why it demeans women, and not just because it gets them unwanted attention. That might be crazy, but hey -- we can hope.


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