President Obama Tries to Name Everyone Killed on 'GoT' to Get You to Vote

Among the most challenging tasks for a casual Game of Thrones fans is, first and foremost, not talking about Game of Thrones. There is no opportunity too small -- including, apparently, a PSA about voting. Which brings us to the second most challenging task for a casual Game of Thrones fan: naming everyone who died on the show. It's a long list fraught with tough emotional losses, and even the smart and cool leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, cannot make it through.


To be totally honest, we're not surprised. We'd probably be more worried about our country if he spent his time memorizing that ever-expanding list, anyway. And since he didn't forget our favorite direwolves Summer and Shaggy Dog, we're satisfied with his performance:

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Apparently, Obama is a bigger nerd than we ever gave him credit for: According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO sends him advance copies of new GoT episodes. They don't do that for ANYONE. What a nerd, Obama.

In the PSA, Obama also works on a friendship bracelet for Joe. Like we said: NERD. Adorable, perfect, be-our-president-forever nerd.

But all that aside, Obama and BuzzFeed teamed up to send an important message: Voting is easy, and reciting the list of dead characters on Game of Thrones is not. Voting is easy, and stacking Cheerios is not. Voting is easy, and the game Operation is not. 

So vote!! It's easy -- even Obama can do it.


Image via BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

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