When Women Like These Celebs #LeanInTogether, We All Stand Taller (VIDEO)

#LeanInTogetherMany successful ladies can point to one powerful ally who helped advance their careers, mentoring and nurturing them along the way. While sometimes that special person is a woman, wouldn't it be amazing if that were the case more often? Sheryl Sandberg founded LeanIn.org to empower all women to achieve their highest ambitions. Now Facebook's chief operating officer is inspiring and imploring us to help one another on the road to success with her latest initiative: #LeanInTogether.


Look at the stars who lined up to support the massive girl-power effort:

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We love hearing how each of these famous ladies credits the women who came before them and helped them achieve their goals. We also adore these statements:

"We are powerful when we empower each other."

"We are more courageous when we encourage each other."

And, of course:

"We are allies, not rivals."

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In 2006, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." #LeanInTogether seems like the positive flipside of that statement.

Who doesn't love the idea of "making the workplace a better place," as Girls creator Lena Dunham suggests?

Let's hope this inspires all generations of women to support one another wherever and whenever possible -- because when we do, we all benefit. 


Image via Lean In/YouTube

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