Family Heirs Lose Millions by Destroying 1,500 Guns & We Should Thank Them

Here's the deal: It's too easy to buy guns in the United States. By the same measure, it's too hard to get rid of them. Selling weapons privately is dangerous, and handing them back to gun shops dumps them back into circulation on the market and at gun shows. You can hand them into the police, but when you have more than 1,500 of them, like the Los Angeles family that inherited a weapons stockpile after someone died did, that's a lot of paperwork for you and a lot of guns for the cops. 


So what do you do? When we're talking about 1,500 guns and 6.5 tons of ammunition, it becomes somewhat of a moral question. The family of Jeffrey A. Lash could make millions of dollars by selling the stuff, but then they might find themselves looking at Orlando or wherever the next mass shooting is and know they capitalized on that kind of violence with their choice.

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Instead, the heirs are going to destroy them. Every one. They'll lose a fortune, but it's kind of hard to argue that it's not worth it. They're taking the high road, and this time, it's important that they do.

The heirs' lawyer, Daniel Brookman, talked to ABC News and described the family as "ordinary citizens" and "not particularly political." He said they didn't go into this decision with an agenda, but after Orlando, they realized they could make a statement with their choice. So that's what they're going to do.

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This plus Orlando plus the sit-in at the House of Representatives feels like it has to be the climax to America's gun control story, but to be totally honest, we're not that hopeful it will have the resolution we want. Republicans in the House are doing an awfully good job of continuing to do nothing about the gun legislation sitting in front of them, and even if the Dems get the modest measure they're asking for voted on, that doesn't mean they'll pass. And even if they pass, we're still not sure how much of a difference they'll actually make. 

Maybe the change has to come from outside of Congress. Maybe Jeffrey Lash's family has the right idea. Maybe if enough of us start saying no and start proving that we mean it, our reps inside the House will do something, too. Maybe. Maybe not, but maybe it's all we can do for now.


Image via ABC News

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