Michelle Obama Tells Men to 'Be Better' -- Mic. Dropped.

Michelle Obama unloads truths and sage wisdom on us daily, but this week, what she had to say rang extra true: Oprah asked Michelle what advice she had for the men in the room at the United State of Women, and she said to them simply, "Be better."


Oprah and Michelle had a long conversation about women and our responsibilities to ourselves and the world, and honestly, watching two powerful women sit and chat like this is a dream come true. (Also a dream come true: Listening to Michelle Obama describe Barack as "Mmm mmm swagalicious." Don't deny yourself this.)

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But it's Michelle's straight talk about men that's snagging attention right now, and rightfully so -- it's so full of truth and realness, it's absolutely essential that everyone hear:

Michelle's message is for men, but it's also one that women need to hear, too. For all of our own work toward equality, we need to remember that oftentimes, equality lands back on men. They need to learn how to look at and talk about women's bodies in a fair and respectful way, they need to exchange responsibilities with us until we're splitting work equally, and as Michelle pointed out, they need to start fathering their children and stop "babysitting" them.

If men wanted, they could continue to live their lives the way they have been and ignore our shouting at them to change. There's a lot we can do ourselves (and a lot we have already done ourselves), but if we ever want to reach a place of true equality, the dudes in this world need to change their attitudes and expectations and move over a little so we can stand beside them. They need to be better.

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The thing is, the men in that room probably aren't the ones who need to hear it. We imagine the men who are attending the first ever United State of Women conference at the White House are already doing a decent job of being feminists and not, like, assuming it's totally cool to assault a woman who's wearing a short skirt.

But the reminder can't hurt and with any luck, Michelle's message will hit the people who do need to hear it -- whether they're listening or not. We'll see, we guess. 

For now, we'll just tattoo "BE BETTER" on every inch of our bodies and stick megaphones into every male ear we see and shout the same thing. Maybe that'll work. We'll let you know.


Image via The White House/YouTube

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