Flight Attendants Provide a Plane Filled With Love to Grandma of Orlando Victim

luis omar ocasio-capoAs the world at large continues to reel in shock over the tragic mass shooting at Orlando nightclub Pulse earlier this week, the victims' families are faced with the unenviable task of laying their loved ones to rest. One of those victims was 20-year-old Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo, known as Omar to family and friends, whose grandmother recently boarded a plane to attend his funeral. But little did she know what an outpouring of support and love awaited her on that aircraft!


JetBlue employee Kelly Davis Karas and her friend and fellow flight attendant Melinda Sloop Winstead had the "sad privilege" of attending Omar's grandmother on her flight -- and, knowing the nature of her journey, Karas and Winstead did everything they could to make her passage more comfortable: They stood by her wheelchair as she waited to board. They made sure she had a steady supply of water and tissues and supplied her with a blanket and pillow. 

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But as Karas wrote in a recent Facebook post that's quickly going viral, just keeping the grandmother comfortable didn't feel like enough. That's when Karas got the idea to pass around a piece of paper to everyone on board for them to sign with messages of condolences for the woman.  

"When invited to participate, if they felt called to do so, they didn't hesitate for one second," Karas told CafeMom of her passengers.

"They were fully on board -- ha, pun not intended -- with giving whatever aid and comfort they could."

That aid and comfort translated into pages and pages of heartfelt messages of support ... far more than Karas and Winstead ever expected. There were even, Karas wrote, "a couple of cash donations, and more than a few tears." And as the passengers deplaned, instead of rushing to climb over each other in the usual manner of frazzled travelers, they all stopped to say good-bye to the grandmother -- and we mean every single passenger.

"The real story here is the incredible compassion a cabin full of strangers had for this grieving grandmother," Karas told CafeMom.

"Truly, truly inspirational. My fellow crew and I were just doing what we strive to do every day -- make everyone's journey as comfortable and pleasant as possible."

Indeed, the passengers definitely went above and beyond -- but, without Karas and Winstead's initial efforts, they probably wouldn't have known how to approach the grandmother to say they were sorry. So Karas and Winstead most definitely deserve recognition for their thoughtfulness, which Karas says was met with "kindness, gentleness ... gratitude," despite the grandmother's obvious distress.

The letter in full will make you cry, but they'll be the good kind of tears -- the kind you cry when your faith in humanity is temporarily restored:

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So unbelievably touching. And such an important reminder that there are decent, kindhearted people out there, and that sometimes tragedy really does bring out the best in people. Nothing will bring Omar back, but clearly his life touched so many, and his loss inspired so many to be their most compassionate selves. 

Here's hoping we would all do the same in their position. 


Image via Kelly Davis Karas/Facebook

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