9 Ways the #StateofWomen Summit Is the Feminist World of Our Dreams

This week the White House is hosting the first-ever United State of Women Summit, which is basically a massive convention where cool and important ladies meet and talk about women's issues and rights with the president and policy makers. If you're optimistic, this is a genuine effort to strengthen the legal support of women in this country. If you're cynical, it's the White House's way of winning over a block of voters. BUT WHATEVER -- either way, there are thousands of women swarming the White House this week for the State of Women, and from what we've seen, it looks a lot like a dream world where women are valued citizens of the United States.


Like, imagine a world where tampons are free and Destiny's Child is always on the radio. Drooling yet? We are too. Here's what we found in the State of Women that'd also define our perfect feminist world:

  1. Gender-neutral bathrooms:


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  2. Pluuuus prayer rooms and nursing mothers rooms:

  3. Near-constant dad jokes from Barack Obama:

  4.  Free tampons:

    This should be the norm! #freethetampon #myfeatureshoot #stateofwomen #womensissues #myfeatureshoot

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  5.  Whitney Houston during all important moments:

  6. And Sheryl Crow and Destiny's Child during the rest:

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  7.  Amy Poehler waving continuously:

  8. Abortion dresses and activism:

  9. And finally, a pledge of allegiance to feminism:

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