11 Sexist Bumper Stickers That Should Never Ever See the Light of Day

11 Sexist Bumper Stickers That Should Never Ever See the Light of Day

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Sure, some might say I'm exaggerating -- It's a joke, they'll say; Lighten up, they'll say -- but, here's the thing: We can't continue the conversation (or "jokes") that continuously disparage and degrade women. While the following slides feature what may seem to some like harmless fun bumper stickers, just imagine if a teenage son had one on his car -- would Mom be pleased? Most likely not. So, with that said, it's probably not something to shrug off, and damn it, I don't want to.

They say road rage is caused by people's bad driving, but seeing one of these behind-the-times bumper stickers could be enough to turn anyone's good mood into a sour one. And let's not forget that little kids who are learning to read love to practice on things they see around them -- making these questionable bumper stickers easy targets for them to practice their new skills. Picture it: "Mommy, what does sexist mean?" Buckle up, kiddo, this may take a while to explain.

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Here are 11 totally sexist bumper stickers (warning: some are horrifying!) that remind us we have a really long way to go until gender equality is an actual reality -- and we have a lot of men to put in check about their caveman views on the way there. 

(Seriously, what cave dweller approved these?!)


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  • Chivalry Is Dead, Indeed


    Image via Zazzle

    Well, now we know what happened to chivalry -- and I won't be holding my breath for a knight in shining armor at the wheel of the car boasting this sticker.

  • Just a Piece of Meat? Really?!


    Image via Cafe Press

    We weren't concerned with the size of Bill Clinton's package (not prior to the big scandal, that is) -- why can't Hill have the same respect? 

  • Not to Be Played With


    Image via Ebay

    Women are so much more, but I could see why any "man" who purchases this might think otherwise -- it's hard to distinguish when you're plagued by a little-boy mentality. 

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  • Plain Disgusting


    Image via Decals Extreme 

    So I guess we're joking about domestic violence now, which is complete bullsh*t and nothing to be taken lightly. 

  • Carpooling? We'll Pass


    Just imagine the outrage if your mom, sister, or daughter dated this guy, and he pulled up into your driveway with this stuck to his car. Maybe then he'd consider if it's something he should ride around with. 

  • An 'F' in Biology


    Image via Amazon

    Oh, here I was thinking men were the ones not to be trusted -- since they tend to think with their penis and what not. My mistake. Nonetheless, it doesn't feel good to have something so great reduced to something so small or irrelevebt. So don't do it.

  • Why Caller ID Exists


    Image via Amazon

    The man who owns this is the man you ought to run from -- or, hope that he was just savvy enough to purchase a used car for an amazing price. 

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  • We'd Rather Walk


    Image via Amazon

    You certainly won't get any a** acting like an a** -- that's a damn promise. 

  • Highway to Hell? No Sir


    Image via Zazzle

    Obvi, not the worst sticker ever, but know this: Women multitask and drive -- men can barely multitask while walking the dog -- so that alone means we win

  • Only in Your Dreams


    Image via Zazzle

    Douche. Moron. A**hat. The list of names for the guy who owns this is endless. So I will say it again: This guy is to be avoided at all cost. Really. 

  • #WereNotWithYou


    Image via Amazon

    Hillary's not a b*tch -- she's a boss. And if she were a man, you'd easily recognize that. 

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