11 Sexist Bumper Stickers That Should Never Ever See the Light of Day

Woman yelling out car

Sure, some might say I'm exaggerating -- It's a joke, they'll say; Lighten up, they'll say -- but, here's the thing: We can't continue the conversation (or "jokes") that continuously disparage and degrade women. While the following slides feature what may seem to some like harmless fun bumper stickers, just imagine if a teenage son had one on his car -- would Mom be pleased? Most likely not. So, with that said, it's probably not something to shrug off, and damn it, I don't want to.


They say road rage is caused by people's bad driving, but seeing one of these behind-the-times bumper stickers could be enough to turn anyone's good mood into a sour one. And let's not forget that little kids who are learning to read love to practice on things they see around them -- making these questionable bumper stickers easy targets for them to practice their new skills. Picture it: "Mommy, what does sexist mean?" Buckle up, kiddo, this may take a while to explain.

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Here are 11 totally sexist bumper stickers (warning: some are horrifying!) that remind us we have a really long way to go until gender equality is an actual reality -- and we have a lot of men to put in check about their caveman views on the way there. 

(Seriously, what cave dweller approved these?!)


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