11 Hillary Clinton Quotes That Show #ShesWithUs & Always Has Been

If you watched Hillary Clinton's victory speech in Brooklyn on Tuesday night celebrating her status as the first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major party, you know what a profoundly momentous occasion it truly was, particularly for women everywhere. Indeed, as has always been the case with Clinton's speeches, many of her remarks focused on the lives of American women, and how she believes they can -- and will! -- be better. 

If you didn't watch it yet, don't worry: We pulled some of Clinton's most female-empowering comments from last night's speech -- and from her career in general -- to get you even more pumped for her campaign. Click through our slideshow to be inspired. And for even more inspiration, check out this video released by the Clinton campaign on Tuesday paying tribute to 100 years of women's rights and the trailblazers who made it all happen.


Image via mistydawnphoto/Shutterstock

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