'I Carry My Gun to School' & 10 Other Teachers on Coping With the Threat of Gun Violence

gunOn October 28, 2002, I went to my job as an admissions counselor at a large university. My mind was filled with thoughts of student applications and upcoming work travel. I didn't know that by the end of the day, my campus would be on the national news following the shooting death of three faculty members by a former student.


As I watched my campus struggle with the shock of violence and the fear that followed, I could never have imagined that stories of gun violence against students and teachers, including at elementary schools, would become as terribly common as they have.

Given that teachers are now responsible for teaching lockdown drills along with multiplication tables, I can't help but wonder if our teachers are teaching scared these days.

We spoke to 11 teachers and found out the truth regarding how they feel about the threat of gun violence in the classroom. Click on for their candid thoughts on feeling safe at school.


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