Hillary Clinton Is Making History -- So Why Are Her Clothes Still National News?

The Hillar-net (that's what we're calling the pro-Hillary Internet now, get with it) is alive today with gifs and articles and more gifs about her historic nab of the Democratic nomination, and it should be. It doesn't even have to be official for this to be ceiling-breaking -- Hillary Clinton is the first woman to be the presumptive or actual presidential nominee of a major political party. That's huge!! You'd think that this would be a step forward for feminism, but then you'd look at the other headlines about Hillary Clinton this week. And guess what? They're all about her clothes.


NO, this is not a joke. YES, it is 2016. NO, we have not stabbed our computer screens with knives sharpened on the strewn heels of our scorned foremothers. Yet.

The thing is, the conversation about Hillary's clothes is actually a somewhat interesting one to have. The New York Post called her out for wearing a $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket to an event about inequality in April, which raises the question about whether politicians should be of the people or for the people.

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It does not, however, raise any questions about her "frumpy pastel skirtsuits" or her "dowdy matronly style." Or even the projected amount she's spent on clothes during this campaign -- it just shouldn't be relevant. 

(For the record, it also raises the question of where the Post is getting that $12,000 number -- jackets on the Armani website top out around $5,000, and while there's the potential Hillary's was couture, they don't offer any sources for their info.)

What the Post does offer us, though, is a thorough look at Hillary's fashion missteps during each of her public positions. She transitioned from "frumpy" to "mocked" and onto her current status of extravagant. If she wore the same-color suit every day, she'd be boring or basic. It's a game she can't win, and she didn't even want to play in the first place.

So, like, stop. Don't tell me what she wore when she was secretary of state, tell me what she did. Argue with me about how politicians should approach their people, not what they wore when they did it.

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Hillary doesn't have the luxury of dressing anonymously because she's a woman. She has enough bigger and badder sexist garbage to deal with before getting to the White House and she really does not need us whining about her fashion choices for like, the 24th year in a row.

So! Don't talk to me about Hillary's Armani jacket. Not today. Today was supposed to be about progress; giving Hillary's outfits 1,000 unsourced words (and Trump's suits a mere 15) does nothing but build back the ceilings she worked so hard to break.


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