12-Year-Old Boy Drops the Mic on Anti-Vaxxers in Smart Viral Video

marco arturoFile this one under "out of the mouths of babes": 12-year-old self-proclaimed "scientist" and social media star Marco Arturo's latest video, shared with the caption "Vaccines DO cause autism," is going viral ... but not for the reasons you might think. (Spoiler alert -- the clip is actually a hilarious takedown of the anti-vax movement!)


The video starts out with Arturo claiming that everyone has been "lied to by doctors and pharmaceutical companies" and that after doing a "lot of research," he "realized that vaccines do and will cause autism." Then, Arturo opens up a folder marked "Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism" ... and guess what? It's entirely empty. (Mic drop.)

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It's seriously worth watching -- even Ashton Kutcher shared it on his Facebook page, saying, "Hopefully this settles things." Check it out:

"It's basically everyone else's child." Exactly!! Arturo makes so many good points, and he makes them so well. And it's not just his super charming accent or adorable face that makes his argument so strong -- he's just stating the facts. The "science facts," as John Oliver might call them. So far no one has been able to actually prove that there's any link between vaccines and autism, but there's still so much misinformation floating around out there, and still so many fears surrounding the now-debunked research initially suggesting a correlation.

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All of the controversy swirling around this topic in recent years has made it hard for many adults to make an informed decision, so it's pretty impressive that a kid has been able to cut through all of the confusion to get straight to the heart of the matter, which is that vaccines save lives. Period.



Image via Marco Arturo/Facebook

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