Donald Trump's Solution to School Shootings Is to Allow More Guns in Schools

No one's here to argue that gun violence in schools isn't a huge and real issue in the United States -- even Trump himself has recognized that "the things going on in our schools are unbelievable." But his solution to fix this is a little backwards, if you ask us: Trump told Fox & Friends that he wants to lift the law keeping schools gun-free zones. Or something. It's kind of hard to tell.


Originally, Trump promised the NRA (who officially endorse him, by the way) that he would eliminate gun-free zones. Period. That means they'd be allowed in schools and military bases where they've been banned since 1990. But then he backtracked a bit and said this on Fox & Friends:

I don't want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. Because ... things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable.

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Worried? Same. But then when CNN asked for clarification, he backed up a bit more, and said it would be "trained teachers" or "school resource officers" who were armed. They'd be able to protect the school in the case of a school shooting because gun-free zones are like "bait to a sicko."

But to be totally honest, it doesn't really matter to us what the specifics are. All we're hearing is that under a Trump presidency, there will probably be guns in schools with our children.

That's enough to leave us terrified, because guns are dangerous to children. That should not be a fact under question. Accidents happen, homicides happen, and suicides happen, even in cases where guns are controlled and monitored by adults.

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Trump's argument is that allowing teachers or resource officers to carry guns would deter shooters from attacking the school, but would it actually? Most school shooters end up killing themselves, and the rest willingly enter heavily monitored public areas and commit horrendous crimes. We have to ask: Would the possibility that they'd be shot at really deter people so committed to their crime?

The answer is probably no, and we're not really willing to risk the safety of the nation's children to test the theory out for sure.

While we're happy that for now, Trump seems to actually understand that school shootings are an issue, his solution is to fight fire with fire. But so long as our children are victims of the cross fire, that really can't be a solution we support.


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