Girl Follows School Prom Dress Code -- but Gets Kicked Out Anyway for Wearing a Suit

aniya wolfIf you heard that a girl was recently kicked out of her prom for violating the dress code, you'd probably assume that her dress was deemed too revealing. But Pennsylvania high school junior Aniya Wolf was sent home from her prom for wearing something much more modest than the average formal gown: a formal suit. The question is, why was that a problem?


Apparently Wolf, who attends Bishop McDevitt, a Catholic school, was turned away at the door of her prom for wearing a suit on the grounds that it violated the prom dress code; Wolf says the dress code she and her mother signed back in March stated only that dresses had to be "formal," not that female students had to wear dresses. So she certainly wasn't expecting to be refused admittance to the dance -- and she definitely wasn't expecting for the principal to threaten to call the police if she didn't leave!

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But again, why? What's the problem with a girl wearing a suit, exactly? Wolf was wearing formal attire, which was apparently the point of the dress code. And, not for nothing, but she looked amazing:

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It's hard to imagine that there was any motivation behind the treatment Wolf received beyond straight-up bigotry and intolerance. The powers-that-be are so uncomfortable with the idea of a girl dressing as a guy (and all that could potentially imply) that they would consider calling the authorities on this poor kid -- that's just plain ridiculous. Luckily, not everyone agrees with the administration at Bishop McDevitt. Plenty of people -- some very high-profile types among them -- have come out in support of Wolf and her suit, including Rob McElhenney, star and creator of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, who posted this tweet:

Awesome! And honestly, being on an episode of It's Always Sunny ... sounds like a lot more fun than prom. But as it turned out, Wolf got to go to a prom anyway (just not her prom). Wolf was invited to William Penn High School's prom in York, Pennsylvania, where supporters were so happy to see her they cheered. Check it out:

I'm so glad Wolf had the positive experience she deserved, but I'm so sorry that she had to have such a traumatic experience in the first place. The prom is a big deal, a milestone kids look forward to for years (and talk about for years afterward). It's so sad that Wolf had to be robbed of sharing that with her friends, even if she did end up having a great time at somebody's prom. At the very least, all the attention Wolf's story is getting should help to spread awareness about how hurtful and unnecessary these gender-specific dress codes can be. And maybe we can all stop taking the prom a little less seriously!


Image via Samantha Galvez/Facebook

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