#MakeTheFirstLadyGreatAgain Cartoon Proves Sexism in Politics Is Alive & Well

michelle obama cartoonCrude political cartoons are nothing new, but a recent rendering comparing Michelle Obama and Melania Trump is even more offensive than most. Titled #MakeTheFirstLadyGreatAgain, the drawing depicts the FLOTUS as having a blatantly masculine body and glaring, testosterone-fueled expression, while Mrs. Trump is shown as a beaming pageant queen–type with curves in all the "right" places. (Offensive and pathetically unoriginal!)


Indeed, there's nothing subtle about the ridiculously misogynistic message of this cartoon by Trump-supporting artist Ben Garrison:

Wow, right down to a crotch bulge on Michelle, huh? That's some serious class right there. (Way to insult transgender people, too!) Of course, Garrison wasn't trying to be classy with his cartoon -- he was trying to express his "outrage at the growing tyranny of Big Government." (His words.)

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And how exactly does mocking the physical strength and powerful presence of our badass first lady accomplish that? It's the kind of immature prank you might expect from a 12-year-old boy who's ticked off that a girl beat him in baseball -- or from an any-age man who's ticked off that a woman is more successful than he is at anything. Apparently what makes a first lady great is her ability to smile submissively and look good in evening wear, not her commitment to issues like the health and well-being of families and children or quality education. Strong ladies are scary!! this cartoon screams. Particularly strong ladies of color, as some commenters have noted, calling the drawing "misogynoiristic" (a category of misogyny aimed directly at black women). 

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One thing's for sure, it's completely and absolutely disgusting -- and while I would love to write it off as just the meaningless anti-woman doodle of one pitiful, easily threatened guy, this "cartoonist" clearly has lots of fans (if his Twitter feed is any indication). And that's just horrifying. That means there is a significant number of people out there who truly believe that what makes a woman worthwhile is her clichéd femininity and fashion sense. (Which, by the way? Michelle Obama consistently kills it in the fashion arena.)

To attack the FLOTUS, or anyone, in this manner is simply unforgivable. And I truly hope that anyone who finds this kind of thing funny or valid is in for a rude awakening this fall.


Image via GrrrGraphics/Twitter

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