Mom of 12 Stages a Protest in Target's Aisles -- Using Her Bible & Kids as Props

ignorant woman in target
In an effort to create an inclusive space for the transgender community in public restrooms, Target was one of the first major companies to open its minds and hearts to actually do so. While this decision comes with much praise, it has also caught the retailer a ton of flack. Nonetheless, it has stood its grounds, and that continues to piss plenty of people off. Take this seemingly batsh*t woman who toted her children and her Bible around Target like the latest trending handbag, forcing them to march around with her during her demeaning, bigotry-laced protest


The mother of a dozen criticized Target and transgender people -- implying that Americans are "gonna let the devil rape their children" and insisting that it's time for us to speak out against allowing "perverted men" into our bathrooms. 

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The mother goes on to warn other parents against Target's wayward "deceitful" policies, obnoxiously blurting, "Get your children out of this store ... [because it's a] dangerous place."

But the way I see it? The only "dangerous" and alarming situation is the likes of this mother -- spewing hatred and intolerance for diversity into the hearts and minds of her children. She's the embodiment of a bigoted society that will continue to breed bigotry for generations to come because she finds hatred more acceptable and easier than explaining something different (and possibly confusing) to her children. 

And, aside from being a damn embarrassment to her children, she somehow found it acceptable to use her children as props in her little performance -- literally making her the effing worst.

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Sure, there are many ways to parent and many of us will never see eye-to-eye on a great deal of topics. But it's never okay to use your kids as a gimmick in your super-shady and offensive agenda. 

While she's certainly a rare breed of crazy, there's bound to be a ton more where she came from, as President Obama gave a directive to open the restrooms in public schools up for transgender children to use based on the gender they identify with.

Meanwhile, here's to hoping that (ironically) toting a crucifix and string of garlic next time I'm in Target will ward of the whack jobs, such as this lady -- should she find herself armed with the spoken word again. 


Image via Loredana Camelia/YouTube

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