12 Ways the '90s Were All About Feminism & You Didn't Even Realize It

Spice Girls

Sure, feminism has been around since the dawn of time, and in 2016, the term is used more loosely than ever -- literally any and everyone can be a feminist. And while that's great, we sometimes lose sight of who the true pioneers were and where they came from. And often we overlook one prominent player who changed the game for feminists everywhere -- that "player" being the 1990s.  


We mindlessly float through our nostalgia, screaming "girl power" and the lyrics to "Wannabe" as if it's nothing. But when you pause to consider things, that Spice Girls anthem was much more than a song -- it was all about sisterhood and women's empowerment. In fact, that's what much of the '90s was about. I'd go as far as to say that this decade was one of the most feminist times (well, maybe because we lived much of it and still subscribe to its mantra) ... here's why.


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