Lice & 9 Other Things Many Americans Like More Than Donald Trump

Donald Trump

While it's no secret that Donald Trump is far from beloved, I don't think that we realize just how many people hate this guy's guts (and his wig-like hair). However, Public Policy Polling did us all a great service by getting down to the bottom of just how much American voters like Trump -- and the truth is, they don't. But that's not as much of a surprise as what many are hypothetically willing to tolerate in place of the obnoxious reality star-turned-"politician."


Specifically -- just to paint the picture of how unliked this man is -- they found that 61 percent of people found Trump to be unfavorable, and that's putting it nicely. The study's authors get comical props, as they decided to create a scale to have him go head-to-head "with things such as root canals, cockroaches, and even hipsters to see who voters had a higher opinion of." And props to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow for bringing this study to our attention. Now we have actual science behind how we feel about this man.

And, quite frankly, you won't believe the things that people are actually willing to tolerate over the Donald. (Be prepared to have your mind blown.)

1. Traffic Jams

This is probably like therapy in comparison to the considerably insane idea that Trump may be our 45th prez.

2. Hemorrhoids

Just when I didn't think there was anything more scary/painful than thinking or feeling as though your a** is about to fall out, Trump has given us new perspective. Now I must go home and weigh my options -- a minimum of four years with President Trump or a lifetime of Preparation H application.

However, only the women voted in favor of these. Men didn't share this logic -- perhaps this is such a common occurrence for women during childbirth that it was just like "why not?"

3. Cockroaches

Honestly, this may be Trump's spirit animal. Stay woke, folks.

Oddly enough, though, it was American women who preferred roaches over Trump -- not men.  

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4. Nickelback

This is what it took for Americans to cut these guys a damn break? 

5. Used Car Salesmen

Again, don't be fooled -- these men have more in common than you think. 

6. Hipsters

See. The pretentious imposters are more likable than you initially thought.  

7. DMV

Long lines and hangry, overworked, underpaid employees are significantly more enjoyable -- or didn't you know?

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8. Root Canals

It hurts so good. Clearly, there's a little dominatrix bone in all of us.

9. Jury Duty

It only gets better if we can put Donald Trump on trial for being an arrogant, ignorant a**hole.

10. Lice

I'm still uncertain about this one, personally. But, America, you've certainly managed to get your point across here -- if the other nine just didn't do it. Sheesh.


And on that note, I think it's safe to assume that we're all in agreement when we say: 

(Before you even get the job.)


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