6 Reality Shows We'll All Be Living If Donald Trump Becomes President

donald trumpNow that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out of the 2016 presidential race, it's pretty much guaranteed that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate -- and while that doesn't mean he'll win the election, it does mean we're one step closer to [shudder] the possibility of "President Trump" being a thing. The question weighing rather heavily on the minds of many is, what would that actually be like? Well, given the fact that Trump has a colorful history in the reality TV industry, we're guessing it might be a lot like one of the following reality shows ...


Just these titles alone sum up what we're feeling about this crazy possibility.

1. Fear Factor

Who knows what the average American might have to do in order to survive a Trump presidency? For non-supporters, it's most likely gonna feel a lot like four long years of being forced to perform life-threatening stunts and choking down bugs and buffalo testicles.

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2. The Biggest Loser

Trump loves nothing more than calling people "losers," but we all know who the biggest loser of them all really is -- The Donald himself. Actually, scratch that: If he actually wins the presidency, we'll be the ones on the losing side!

3. Big Brother

Get ready for some hardcore government surveillance if the human Great Pumpkin takes office! Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're watching you ... oh wait, yes it does. 

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4. The Amazing Race

Make that The Amazing Race ... Out of the Country. Better make your mass exodus plans now, or you'll be up you-know-what's creek without a paddle ... or stuck behind a wall!


5. Shark Tank

By which we mean, life under President Trump is going to feel like swimming through a literal shark tank on a daily basis. 

6. Punk'd

If Trump gets elected, we'll be hoping and praying that at any moment Ashton Kutcher comes jumping out from the shadows letting us know that our national nightmare is just one big prank. (Actually, we're already hoping and praying that's gonna happen!)

Oh, if only President Trump could use his own reality show catchphrase on himself: You're fired! 


Image via Andrew Schwartz/Splash

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