Woman Humiliates Dad in Front of His Kid For Using Food Stamps to Buy Groceries (VIDEO)

man grocery shoppingThese days, it seems far too many people are walking around inexplicably filled with hate -- like the Walmart shopper whose recent tirade against a customer paying with food stamps was caught on video (and is now going viral). Even worse? The man on the receiving end of this woman's ridiculous rant was a dad with a young child riding in his shopping cart, and neither one of them deserved to hear her cruel (not to mention completely ignorant) remarks.


It's not completely clear how the whole thing got started -- in the video, we just see the woman going off on the man for using food stamps to buy his family groceries.

"You know, I put in 50-60 hour weeks ... trying to provide for my family," he says in defense, but the woman is stubbornly unmoved.

"You're not providing for it, I am," she says. "The government is ... They take it out of my check. Bullsh*t they don't."

Understandably, the dad starts to lose his patience with her repeated insults -- particularly since all of this was happening in front of his little boy!! The exchange is absolutely painful to watch, but it's really a must-see -- we all need to be aware of the ugliness that low-income families are faced with every day:

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Disgusting. I'll agree with one thing that woman said -- she's definitely not a "bleeding-heart f*cking liberal," because she clearly has no heart at all. What exactly is the point of treating a man who's doing the best he can to support his family with such condescension? Does she honestly believe her taxes would be that much lower if this guy had a better-paying job? It's this kind of bigoted, uninformed "logic" that makes people believe that all our country's problems would be solved if only we built a big enough wall. It's this kind of self-righteous intolerance that leads people to believe that keeping people down somehow serves our nation better than helping them to get up, and stay up. 

The ironic part, of course, is that this happened at Walmart -- where it's not uncommon for full-time employees to need public assistance to get by! For all we know, this struggling dad could actually be working at Walmart 50 hours a week and still not be making enough to feed his family the food sold at his workplace. The other ironic part is that it's people like this woman who are so dead set against a living wage that people can actually live on -- which is what forces hardworking types to seek out public assistance in the first place. 

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I can only hope that the woman in this video sees how people are reacting to her behavior, and that it gives her (and others like her) pause. And I hope the dad in this video sees people's reactions and realizes that he's not alone -- some of us do understand how hard life can be even when you're trying your best. Some of us understand that being poor is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Just call us "bleeding-heart f*cking liberals," I guess.

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