Babysitting Service Tells Homophobic Parents to Take a Hike

In our very humble opinion, extremely homophobic people should be treated with the same intolerance they offer others. This is not a very nice thing to think and also not very realistic, but one company in Sydney, Australia, is taking it to heart -- a babysitting service denied clients after they asked for "normal" babysitter who does not support "radical" gender theories and is as "anti-gay" as the family themselves. We're like, nope, no way, no thank you ... and luckily, this business was, too. 


The company, called REACH kids, posted a screenshot of the text convo on its Facebook:

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In the first photo, a family makes a request for a babysitter with the same values as their family, which sounds like it should be a valid request, but when put in practice it definitely is not. 

It's the second photo that raises the most questions. The family delves deeper into their homophobia and asks for a sitter without dyed hair, which, like ... why? But you also see a message from REACH responding and apparently entertaining their request.

This, obviously, seems to reflect values counter to the ones outlined in the post itself. Some commenters take this to mean that the whole thing is a publicity stunt, and REACH faked the encounter for bozos like us who will write news stories about it.

REACH, however, insists that this was all very real. It said it was initially going to work with this family, but it changed its mind after the second message.

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Seems a little fishy, sure. But it's also a new business, and it would make sense that it wanted to feel out the territory before outright rejecting customers. Not amazing, but understandable, given the circumstances.

And anyway, it's the message that matters most to us -- we just can't get behind parents who want to teach that kind of bigotry to their kids, and who won't even consider exposing them to other/different/better viewpoints. Letting kids develop thoughts and opinions themselves is essential. Limiting that is dangerous. So real or not, we're with REACH Kids on this one -- and we'd love to see more businesses follow suit.


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