Elizabeth Warren Stands Up for Working Parents in Twitterstorm Against Ted Cruz

Elizabeth Warren tells off ted cruzYou'd think that most people who choose to run for public office view it as a privilege rather than a pain in the you-know-what. Well, after this presidential hopeful sent an email to his campaign supporters detailing the "significant sacrifice" he's making by seeking the GOP nomination, one senator took him to task for being out of touch. Standing up for working families across America, Elizabeth Warren told off Ted Cruz in an epic Twitterstorm that put the Texas senator in his place.


Here's the email that sparked Warren's rant:

Wow, can you imagine our founding fathers, or the men and women who serve in the armed forces and sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice, writing something like this?

She sums up his attitude perfectly here:

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Needless to say, it didn't take Warren very long to call him out on this and point out who in this country really puts in a long day -- working parents!

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In the words of Ilana from Broad City: "Yas, Queen!" And she didn't stop there!

Bet he's wishing he could "unsend" that email now.

Nobody likes a whiner, but really, Warren's points certainly put in perspective how out of touch Cruz seems compared with your average person.

It sort of reminds us of when professional athletes or Hollywood stars lament how hard their lives are and we can't help but wonder how well they'd fare working in a fast food restaurant or at a data entry job for minimum wage.

Americans who are in the trenches struggling to make ends meet don't want to hear their leaders, who never have to worry about where their kids' next meal might come from, complain about what most would consider the opportunity of a lifetime.


Image via JB NICHOLAS / Splash News

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