Here's Donald Trump Discussing His Infant Daughter's Future Breasts -- Yes, IRL

Donald Trump, speechAt this point, you're probably operating under the assumption that nothing Donald Trump could possibly say would shock and/or offend you. For example, you probably think that the stuff he said about maybe wanting to date his daughter Ivanka (you know, if she weren't his daughter) was the creepiest thing he could say about one of his daughters -- but nope! Turns out Trump said something even creepier about his daughter Tiffany a while back, and she was only a 1-year-old at the time!


That's right, little Tiffany was just a baby when her name came up during an interview that her parents (Trump and ex-wife Marla Maples Trump) were giving to Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in 1994. The discussion turned to whether or not the very, very small child had inherited any of her model mother's enviable physical attributes, and unfortunately her father shared his opinion:

"Well, I think that she's got a lot of Marla, she's a really beautiful baby, and she's got Marla's legs," Trump said, adding, "We don't know whether she's got this part yet, but time will tell ... "

And yes, when he said "this part," he made motions around his chest to indicate that he was talking about boobs. Watch and cringe:

Okay then! Nothing super bizarro and creepy about that, eh? Why does anybody listen to anything this cretin says again??

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Seriously, though, this is alarming -- but not for the reason you might think. I don't actually believe that Trump is secretly a pedophile or that he even means to overtly sexualize his daughters when he comments on their bodies or their desirability. I do believe, however, that this exchange is indicative of Trump's attitude toward women in general -- namely, that they are to be viewed and treated as a commodity. A woman is either a "10" or she's worthless; she's either a perfect mannequin-like specimen that can be shown off like a shiny new car or she's a "loser." 

Sadly, this attitude is not uncommon among men -- but even the most chauvinistic guys usually demand a higher level of respect when it comes to their own offspring. So the fact that Trump talks about his own daughters like he's judging livestock at a county fair is troubling, to say the least. 

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With statements like these on his record, it's logical to conclude that Trump probably wouldn't make women's health and well-being a priority if he actually made it to the Oval Office. Why would he fight for a segment of the population he has such little respect for? And that's a possibility we should all be worried about. 


Image via Bill Motzing / Splash News

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