15 Quotes About Nature That Will Make You Wanna Drop the Cell Phone & Do Something

15 Quotes About Nature That Will Make You Wanna Drop the Cell Phone & Do Something

Earth Day While you might think of every day as Earth Day in your home if you're committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling, it never hurts to be reminded of all the treasures our planet provides on a daily basis. In honor of this annual tradition, let's honor the land, sea, and sky with a series of inspiring sentiments.

Hopefully, these quotes will motivate you to get outdoors and enjoy the earth's bounty and beauty.


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  • The Web of Life


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    Chief Seattle, for whom the Washington city is named, is known for his concern for ecological responsibility long before it was en vogue.

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  • Forests Are the Lungs of Our Land


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    What a striking metaphor from our 32nd president! And how true. A walk in the woods is nearly always restorative.

  • Live in Each Season


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    Best known for his book Walden, naturalist Henry David Thoreau was never more at home than when he was outdoors exploring the earth's riches.

  • The Vulnerability of Our Planet


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    Though he had his eye on exploring the solar system, our 35th president urged respect for our home planet.

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  • What You Do Makes a Difference


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    This quote from the famed British anthropologist and primatologist truly says it all.

  • Borrowed From the Children


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    This American ornithologist recognized the importance of leaving the planet a better place for future generations.

  • The Earth Delights to the Feel of Your Bare Feet


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    This statement reminds us to delight in nature and respect it for all it does for us.

  • The One Thing All of Us Share


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    This First Lady was known for her commitment to beautifying highways, noting: "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

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  • Anger Over Waste


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    This Earth Day takes Mother Teresa's words to heart and recycle.

  • So-Called Scientific Knowledge


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    This wise inventor knew his creations could never hold a candle to those of Mother Nature.

  • Find Sermons in Stones


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    Take the words of this English poet and playwright to heart and allow the earth to inspire you.

  • Beams Full-Dazzling


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    The American poet and author of Leaves of Grass reminds us of the comfort and solace found in the sun's rays.

  • A Friend to All Living Things


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    The architect of nonviolent protest knew the importance of peace and compassion for all.

  • Nature More


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    It is often easy to understand Lord Byron's position when admiring the splendor of the natural world.

  • Nature's Heart


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    Muir, an environmental philosopher, understood the spiritual value of a journey into the evergreens.

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