Pink Ladies' Earplugs Are the Gender-Specific Product Women Do Not Need

This week in unnecessarily gendered products, we have for you Sleep Pretty Earplugs: the gentlest and most feminine solution to all your ear canal needs. Have a snoring dolt of a husband? Noisy oven that's driving you crazy? Laundry machine that's just too gosh darn loud? Well, good thing Sleep Pretty Silky Soft earplugs come in pink -- we wouldn't want your lady ears being mistaken for manly!


These overwhelmingly feminine earplugs are originally made by Hearos, but because Walgreens has never seen an on-brand product they can't make themselves (usually for cheaper, so we're not really complaining), they also bought into the game and made earplugs. For women. That are pink.

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Cool. So now, let's play a game. It's called "Who's Going to Be Paying More for the Same Dumb Piece of Foam?" It's really not even worth a joke, because the answer is so overwhelmingly obvious: the women, of course. 

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50 cents!! We could be spending that on, like, tampons or something. Or covering the 13 percent extra they're already charging us for the same toothpaste and deodorant.

There is truly no remarkable difference between a man's ear canal and a woman's, and there's no reason they shouldn't be wearing the same earplugs. If you want to talk size, then we should just talk size -- make large and small earplugs, not men's and women's.

For all the strides we've made in equality, it's dumb stuff like this that's holding us back. Hopefully, the louder we say no, the higher the chance that they'll quit. 

And please, for the love of God, be better than earplugs advertised for women. 


Image via PateraQuetzal/Twitter

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