10 Environmental Organizations That Are Making the World Better for Our Kids

10 Environmental Organizations That Are Making the World Better for Our Kids

Feel like putting your money where your mouth is this Earth Day? There are a host of great charities tirelessly working to help keep our planet healthy and whole, to preserve it for future generations.

We've highlighted 10 awesome organizations that are passionate about everything from local and organic family farming to preserving rain forest habitats to getting kids outside and appreciating nature.

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It might just be time to do a good deed and hit the "donate" button. Or at least learn some more about how people really are coming together to heal the planet, and have your faith restored a bit.

Here are 10 environmental organizations that are making the world better for our kids.


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  • World Wildlife Fund


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    The WWF's mission is "to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature." It's one of the world's largest conservation organizations, with over 5 million supporters all over the globe. Recently, they've teamed up with Apple for an Earth Day promotion -- for a limited time, any proceeds from purchases on apps like Candy Crush or Angry Birds will go entirely to the WWF.

  • Environmental Working Group


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    The EWG focuses primarily on how toxic chemicals in agriculture affect human health. They're the geniuses behind the annual "Dirty Dozen" list, which highlights the year's worst offenders in usage of toxic pesticides.

  • Moms Clean Air Force


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    Moms Clean Air Force is an advocacy group with over 700,000 members including Julianne Moore. They are passionate about keeping toxic chemicals out of our air so the next generation can breathe easy.


  • Conservation Fund


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    Since 1985, the Conservation Fund has worked to preserve more than 7.5 million acres of land across all 50 states. Their mission is to "save land for future generations."

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  • Rainforest Alliance


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    The Rainforest Alliance's vision is "a world where people and planet prosper together." They independently certify common rainforest products like coffee, tea, and chocolate with a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal in order to maintain sustainability in critical habitats.


  • Earthjustice


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    "Because the earth needs a good lawyer too." Earthjustice represents the legal interests of more than a thousand organizations working to preserve the earth for future generations. They also work with Congress to write new laws, and keep impactful existing ones from being erased by congressional action.

  • Oceana


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    This is the biggest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. Oceana's vision is to "make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were." They claim that restoring the ocean could feed over a billion people healthy seafood every day.

  • Cornucopia Institute


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    This nonprofit is headquartered in Cornucopia, Wisconsin, and supports sustainable agriculture. They provide "needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media." They are also passionate about sticking up for small family farms, and challenging Big Ag.

  • National Park Trust


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    The National Park Trust's mission is to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow. Their Kids to Parks initiative aims to get kids and families outside for a nationwide day of play in cooperation with a host of local and national collaborators.

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  • Center for a New American Dream


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    The Center for a New American Dream advocates against mass consumerism, and for focusing on more valuable things like enjoying quality time in the fresh air. Their Kids Unbranded program is aimed at getting our children away from aggressive marketers and materialism.


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