This Toilet Paper Test Reveals Whether You're Liberal or Conservative

Toilet tissue orientation

Of all the things that I contemplate on a daily basis (ironically on the toilet), it's never really occurred to me to consider how I hang my toilet paper roll. I have a hard enough time navigating through life, so asking me if my toilet tissue flap is hung over or under the bar of the toilet paper holder is just ... well, wait, doesn't everyone just hang it in the over-orientation? Nope. brought it to our attention that there are the over-oriented hangers (72 percent of Americans) and a breed of under-oriented folks -- and this could tell you a lot about how you vote.


If you're anything like us, you're side-eyeing the hell out of this because, really, what kind of weirdo sets out to hang his or her tissue in the under-orientation? But a 1989 study did indeed correlate the way you hang your toilet paper with your political views. Democrats and Republicans, take note.

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Apparently, if you are of the "over-orientation" variety, you are more likely to be rolling in dough, liberal, and youthful.

TP Over Orientation

On the opposite end of the spectrum, "under-oriented" people tend to be older, conservative, and less affluent.


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Berry Sinrod, co-author of the study, found that this was "interesting." Well, we found that it might just be bulls**t -- although a fun way to judge our friends, family, and neighbors. Sorry, not sorry! We have a hard time believing that any of these factors really add up, beginning and ending with the fact that "over" is really the only acceptable way to hang your bathroom tissue.

But, then again, who are we to judge?


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