Online Dating Site Doesn't Think Your Freckles Are Cute & This Ad Proves It

Just because the rainstorm of mainstream advertising telling us our bodies don't look the way they should isn't quite heavy enough yet, Match released a new campaign explaining that your freckles are definitely, totally ugly, and that this must be a total bummer for you. But Match still thinks you can fall in love, despite your "imperfections," and if you can forgive them for their awful ads, they want to be the ones to help.


But, like ... no. Freckles are effing adorable, 100 percent of the time -- but that's not even the point. The point is that when it comes to our bodies, there are no such things as imperfections and there's no such thing as "despite." That's the wrong way to talk about our bodies.

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The ads appeared in the London Underground in April. Here's what they look like:


Honestly, the best thing about this campaign is that so far, everyone unanimously agrees that it's total bullsh-t. 

To be totally fair, the sentiment is actually kind of nice -- for all our body-positive talk and self-love, everyone has hang-ups, even if they're totally unjustified. And finding someone who thinks it's cute that your nose is crooked and you have old man toes is actually kind of the dream.

The issue is that Match is trying to tell us what we should be self-conscious about, just in case you haven't already figured it out yourself. That's obviously hurtful to hear no matter how deep your confidence goes, but it's especially damaging to women and girls still trying to fully internalize the idea that their bodies don't have to fit into a formula.

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Match apologized and removed the ads, but it did it with a solid #SorryNotSorry. Maybe it's just us, but from the tone of their tweets, it seems like they still don't totally understand why people were offended:

It's kind of amazing that we live in a world where if enough people tweet at an offensive ad, it'll be taken down and the owners will apologize in shame. We get to hold them to our own ethical standards -- one for every beauty standard they hold against us.


Image via ekelsewhere/Twitter

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