How Your Vote Could Change the Future of #EqualPayDay

Happy Equal Pay Day, aka the most depressing "holiday" women have to celebrate all year! The idea is that a woman has to do the same job as the dude next to her all the way until today just to make as much money as he did last year. It sucks, and honestly, we're not making as much progress as we should be to fix the situation. That makes it a hugely important issue during the 2016 presidential campaign, so we figured we'd catch up with the candidates to see where they're at on this whole wage gap thing.


Important side note: When we're talking about Equal Pay Day, we're talking about white women. Women of color (and men of color) would have to work until later in the year to get to the same place that white women hit on April 12 and white men hit on December 31.

That, of course, only makes it more crucial that we fix this. But at the rate we're going, women across the world won't make equal to men until 2133. 2133!!! That is in 117 years. You'll be dead and still worth a third less to your employer than the guy buried next to you.

So as depressing as this day is, it's worth talking about it. Let's see if the candidates agree.

Bernie Sanders


Hillary Clinton


Donald Trump

John Kasich


Ted Cruz

Oh, wait! Sorry. That's not fair. He did mention women today. He just didn't acknowledge that any pay gap existed:

All we want is to be paid fairly, and we'd love a law that guarantees this for women who can't or won't negotiate. Preferably, that'd happen in the next four years, not the next 117.

It seems like something we should be talking about, right? 


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