Mom of Sisters at the Center of the Gap Kids Ad Controversy Tells Everyone to Chill Out

gap kids adIn case you missed it, the Internet erupted earlier this week over an ad in which a white girl is resting her arm atop a black girl's head. While people were quick to accuse the retailer of racism, the Gap Kids models' mom actually weighed in, revealing a surprising twist: The girls are indeed sisters!


Didn't see that coming, did you? We didn't either. But that fact, and the mom's reaction, does make you think a little differently about the ad now, doesn't it?

Here's how the girls' mom, actress Brooke Smith, attempted to stop the crusade against the clothier:

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When placed within the context of family, this becomes a silly gesture between siblings rather than an attempt by a white girl to assert herself over a black girl.

In fact, perhaps the photographer, knowing they were related, saw this as a common, playful move. Of course, the general public wasn't privy to that info until Smith came forward. But most parents whose children have a few inches between them have probably seen their kids in this pose at one point or another.

Rather than look to add fuel to the fire, this mom seems like she was just happy her kids were getting along while working at the same time.


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You can't blame this mom for wanting to take the discussion offline -- especially for her daughters' sakes. Though most people who are upset about the ad are blaming Gap Kids, the firestorm has to be affecting these sisters, which is a shame since it was all about empowerment.

We agree with Smith when she says another pose might have made for a better ad, but after this revelation, it seems like there was no malicious intent, as surely this mom would've put a stop to it at the time.


Image via GapKids

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