Donald Trump Gets a New 'Do & It's Sure to Win With Women

Donald Trump hairIt's about time this polarizing candidate did something for women! Donald Trump has finally given up his signature hairstyle, and his new look is not only fabulous, but also reminiscent of another hunky male we can't get enough of -- Fabio!


If you've seen photos of the outspoken presidential hopeful and thought to yourself, "Donald! Donald! Let down your hair!" you're in luck. The billionaire who's determined to "make America great again!" has started by making his famous 'do great again -- and the results are so amazing, they may even change your vote!

Donald Trump hair Fabio

We will say that we thought a simple trim might be more the conservative candidate's style, but when you've got it, flaunt it!

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It was only a matter of time before The Donald buckled to the mounting pressure. With Instagram hashtags devoted to mocking his coif, he had to make some changes if he wants to be taken seriously and finally connect with women!

With that big noggin it would be hard to picture him with a buzz cut, so we're thrilled he kept his flowing locks!

But before you start looking for the man behind The Apprentice on the cover of a romance novel, we're only foolin'! That wild cotton-candy-spun hairdo isn't going anywhere! Happy April Fools' Day! 


Image via Splash News (main); Scott Olson/Getty Images (Trump); Steve Starr/CORBIS (Fabio hair)

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