Joe Biden Recruits Lady Gaga to Help Spread His Message Against Sexual Assualt

Lady Gaga and Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has been the force behind It's On Us, a campaign dedicated to making everyone aware of sexual assault and the importance of consent, thus placing more accountability on everyone. The program was launched in 2014 by Biden and President Barack Obama -- shedding much-needed light on a cause that continues to plague college campuses everywhere, with reportedly 1 in 5 women and 1 and 16 men being sexually assaulted in college. Now Lady Gaga, who has been outspoken against sexual assault, is hitting the road with the VP to get his message out.



The two will be speaking at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on April 7, with hopes of adding more signatures to the list of 250,000 students who took the pledge (from over 500 colleges) of solidarity against violence. Gaga's alread made quite an impact on the cause with "Til It Happens to You" -- the song she cowrote and recorded for The Hunting Ground. And she's made quite an impression on our vice president, as he refers to her as "brave and sincere."

We're certainly excited that It's On Us is opening so many eyes with the help of Lady Gaga -- a surviver of sexual assault herself. But, personally, I'm most enamored by the fact that there's a man who is willing to step up for a cause that is berated and downplayed by men. He's doing this as a husband and a father -- and a man who realizes that while this issue does impact women more frequently, it doesn't discriminate against men. He recognizes that women don't need restrictions, but they need support.

Proud to stand by my friend @ladygaga tonight. Pure courage that inspires, challenges us all. #ItsOnUs. All of us.

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As women fight to walk, talk, and look any way they please without being slut-shamed and, thus, ridiculously accused of "wanting it," it's necessary that we stop teaching women that they are doing something wrong and are the ones who must change -- instead of truly sitting young men down and educating them on the depth of consent. I don't know about your sex ed class, but my teacher kind of breezed by the whole "No Means No" section, and that's where we go wrong -- we assume common sense is common, when it's actually not.

As I get older, I'm noticing through friends' stories and my own experiences that some men are genuinely ignorant to the different variations of "no." This is by no means an excuse, but it is a reason to sit down and educate everyone involved. That way, in future cases, we're certain (as a society) that we've done our due diligence to clearly layout the definition of "no," and offenders can be held 100 percent accountable for their actions -- and they don't get off on bullsh*t excuses, allowing men to make themselves the victims.

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People need to know that an intoxicated woman is a woman who said "no." A woman who stops you mid-makeout and says "no" means f*cking NO! And, dressing like a "slut" didn't cause you to penetrate her without her consent -- it's still a hard no.

Coming from a male role model enforcing these ideas and broadcasting this knowledge, the message will hopefully be well received by other men -- in college and beyond. And with that, sexual assault can finally be a real conversation instead of the butt of many people's jokes.


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